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What is Solidity?

Solidity is a Contract-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. It is used for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms.

What is Ethereum?

what is ethereum? Ethereum is an Open Source Blockchain platform which allows anyone to develop and deploy Blockchain based Applications.


Cryptojacking is a sort of cyber attack to mine cryptocurrency.this blog covers what is cryptojacking,how it works,and how to check or prevent cryptojacking on your web browser.

Top 12 Benefits of the Blockchain

what is blockchain? For the past few years, IT industry has been filled with the news about Blockchain and related technologies. This blog details the top 12 benefits of the blockchain.

Python packages for Blockchain

Blockchain also serves as a distributed ledger where all the transactions are stored publically. The high-level language Python can be used to develop Blockchain applications.

Hashing Technology in Blockchain

Hashing is an important thing in Blockchain technology. It is a mathematical process that is used to write new transactions into a blockchain.

Top 8 Blockchain Applications that can Transform Future

Blockchain applications have been implied in all industries like supply chain, healthcare etc. This blog defines top 8 blockchain applications that can transform future.

Types of Blockchain

There exist three different types of blockchain private, public and consortium or federated blockchain. This blog brush off the difference between types of blockchain and its implications in varied bu

Blockchain in Land Registry

Blockchain land registry provides an immense possibility of keeping the valuable records.Blockchain in land registry is called the perfect solution is the safety of documents while other records fail.

Blockchain for Voting and Elections

Blockchain for voting and election is a case study of digitizing e-voting system. Central authority within blockchain voting system is the smart contract.The advantages of blockchain in voting are gre

Impact of Blockchain on WordPress

WordPress, the most popular content management system can also get affected by Blockchain technology. There are already many WordPress plugins that allow website owners to accept payments via Bitcoin

7 Major Problems in Blockchain

The blockchain problems,limitations and issues can be easily curbed.Blog covers 7 Major Problems in Blockchain Technology. There exists many problems and challenges in blockchain, in parallel the tech

Blockchain Digital Certificates for Universities

Issuing blockchain digital certificates for universities from blockchain certificate authority is a method of quick verification process and it gives control over academic credentials.

How Blockchain Disrupts Automotive Industry?

Blockchain in automotive industry comes with large degree of scope particularly the car business. Blog enlists the advantages of blockchain in automotive industry.

Blockchain in Agriculture

Before intriguing on how blockchain technology can revolutionize the agricultural industry, let us analyze the need for integrating blockchain in the agricultural sector.

Fusion of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence - Blockchain Expert

blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are two opposite poles. The blog covers Benefits of Blockchain in AI technology, Artificial intelligence works in a centralized fashion,

Benefits of blockchain in trading

Benefits of blockchain in trading: The introduction of blockchain technology to trade finance is slowly bringing qualitative changes with respect to the trading practices.

How Document Verification Process is done in Blockchain?

How Document Verification Process is done in Blockchain? There are times when individuals need their records approved, for example, amid court procedures or say when chasing for occupations.

Blockchain Timestamp and Document Verification

Blockchain document verification has carved its niche in offering the proof of ownership. Blockchain Timestamp has carved its niche in proof of existence.

How Blockchain helps in Passport Verification

How Blockchain helps in Passport Verification: This blog runs down the benefit of blockchain in passport and visa verifications. Blockchain can be called as the future of visa verification or passport

Document Verification Using Blockchain - Blockchain Expert

Describes the benefits of document verification and data certification using blockchain, how blockchain technology redefines document verification. Document verification on blockchain technology elimi

Blockchain for Startups

Blockchain for startups can be a smart choice for business enthusiasts as blockchain technology opens endless doors of research and possibilities.

Notarization in Blockchain

Blockchain technology keeps the potential to revamp the notary services via authenticating the signatures and determining the data from real worlds.

Types of Blockchain — Public, Private, and Consortium Blockchain

There exist three different types of blockchain private, public and consortium or federated blockchain. This blog brush off the difference between types of blockchain and its implications in varied bu

Blockchain in Human Resource

Blockchain keeps the potential to reshape the Human Resource landscape. This blog explains how blockchain will impact various human resource process.