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Updated by Jelena Cekic on Dec 04, 2018
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5 Statistics That Show How Much Chatbots are Changing the Online Environment

Let's talk about some statistics that clearly outline the success of chatbots as a business-oriented software solution.



Even though it's no secret that many modern businesses owe a great deal of their success to the emergence and recent integration of modern technologies like artificial intelligence and bots, these virtual assistants have been around for more than 60 years.

It's only recently that so many brands have realized how beneficial implementing these digital helpers can be, especially when it comes to reaching wider audiences efficiently.

Intelligent bots are programs designed to simulate conversations that consumers usually have with customer support services. They were built with the goal of helping modern consumers get what they want in a timely manner.

It all revolves around improving customer service and user experience in order to increase revenue and establish a long-term relationship between brands and consumers. Bots help brands understand the preferences of their customers and make them an offer that better suits their various and unique needs.


So, how exactly do chatbots fit into the picture?

By analyzing the online behavior of consumers, AI assistants can gather valuable data that help the brands shape and tailor their services according to what their customers really want.

It's all about providing the most personalized service to individual customers and the best way to really understand what it is that the consumers want is through the use of a chatbot with the best AI. By analyzing the needs and desires of your consumers through the date they gathered they will provide better service and improve customer satisfaction.

It's no wonder that many consumers are pretty optimistic and confident about the efficacy of digital assistants and 69% of them would rather talk to one than a human assistant. With all this in mind, it's safe to say that this technology has changed the online environment and here are some statistics to confirm that claim.


37% of US Consumers Used a Chatbot in an Emergency

37% of US Consumers Used a Chatbot in an Emergency

Judging by the analyzed data of how consumers use this modern technology, it turned out that in case of an emergency, most people used a virtual assistant rather than a human assistant. In fact, 37% of US consumers turned to chatbots in their time of need for accurate and fast guidance.
Not only that, but online users rather turn to chatbots when they have a problem or a complaint than a human assistant.

So, if you take a look at this data, it turns out that more and more modern consumers put their faith in a chatbot with the best AI to take care of their problems and needs rather than humans. Therefore, it's only safe to say that companies use this innovative software solution to augment customer service to better serve their consumers and, more importantly, consumers are well aware of this.

According to one of the biggest experts in the field, Avi Ben Ezra, Chief Technology Officer of SnatchBot and Henri Ben Ezra, CEO of SnatchBot, AI made these bots smarter so that they could better serve the needs of consumers and provide a 24/7 service, which is one of the biggest benefits of AI assistants.


Apps vs Chatbots

Apps vs Chatbots

When it comes to communication between the brands and their consumers, we already mentioned that most users prefer to use virtual assistants as their main channel of communication rather than a human assistant or an app.

In almost all cases, online users indicated that they would rather put their trust in a chatbot with the best AI than an app, simply because they believe that AI technology is more efficient, especially when it comes to giving quick answers to simple questions.

According to the users, AI agents are far superior to apps when it comes to 24/7 service and filing a complaint. When it comes to customer experience, ease of communication, and convenience of service, artificial intelligence is more efficient than apps.

With the rise of smart chatbot platforms that support AI, it's now possible to build a customizable chatbot with the best AI that is fully capable of learning based on each customer experience so that it can provide a better service. When it comes to statistics, 34% of worldwide consumers would rather use AI to get their answers rather than to a human assistant.


Baby boomer and Millennial Chatbot Use Statistics

Baby boomer and Millennial Chatbot Use Statistics

When it comes to baby boomers and millennials, chatbots are equally popular among these consumers, which is fairly odd. They all enjoy the benefits of using AI assistants equally, with the only difference being that boomers tend to be more confident about the potential of AI technology in several cases.

According to them, the best benefit of using a chatbot with the best AI is getting an instant response. Considering the difference in the age of these consumers, it's safe to assume that AI bots are equally important to all of them. Still, baby boomers are more likely to enjoy the benefits of this technology since 5 of 10 cases studied showed this result.


Chatbots vs Virtual Assistants

Chatbots vs Virtual Assistants

When it comes to chatbots vs virtual assistants battle, it's important to emphasize the three biggest differences between the two:

-Understanding – while the practice so far has shown that virtual assistants are more capable of understanding customer's intent, that changed a lot from the moment AI started to support chatbots.

The best AI bot platform like allows users to build a bot with the best AI that is fully capable of an advanced dialog management thanks to smart machine learning and natural language processing.

-Context – thanks to these two amazing features of AI, these AI assistants are now capable of controlling the conversation flow in order to understand the true intention of the customer. Virtual assistants use dynamic dialog, which also makes them capable of understanding the intentions of their customers, but not as efficiently as AI bots

-Persistence – maintaining consistency across multiple communication channels is of utmost importance for all brands and the best way to do that is by having a bot or a virtual assistant active 24/7 that offers the possibility of starting a conversation and picking it up again later.

This is the only case where virtual assistants are slightly better than AI agents since they don't have this option yet.


The Growth of Chatbots Across all Verticals

The Growth of Chatbots Across all Verticals

t's more than evident that AI is becoming increasingly present in everything that we do. There is literally no website on the internet that doesn't use AI agents to start a conversation with online users and use that data to provide a better service.

The brands simply realized that using this powerful technology instead of a human employee is more cost-efficient, while also providing two great benefits: more time and more resources to deal with more important matters.

That way, they can put all their efforts into providing the ultimate customer service and user experience, while remaining highly competitive and relevant in their business industry. AI assistant market is growing at a CAGR of 35,2% and it will continue to grow in the years to come.

That's how chatbots changed the online environment and made it more personalized and optimized to better suit the needs of online users to the benefit of the brands. AI assistants revolutionized the way brands interact with their consumers while that interaction continues to evolve for the better.