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BusinessJazz Shout Outs

Every amazing person mentioned on BusinessJazz. BusinessJazz is a weekly podcast by Roger Overall & Paul O'Mahony that features real people helping others with
"How to be Genuinely Attractive in Business Today"

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is an English business magnate, investor and philanthropist.[4] He founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies.[5]

Quiet satisfaction is good - isn't it? When the job's well done - you're satisfied.toastmasters

Listen to audio by PaulOMahony@omaniblog on Anchor. Anchor is the best place to record and share your voice with the world.

Peter Thiel - author of book "ZeroToOne" - "Notes on Startups"

“What important truth do few people agree with you on?” Answering this deceptively tricky question is the key to any future of progress—and to building a great business.


Christian Payne @documentally

Christian Payne @documentally
William Bligh

Mentioned by Roger Overall in podcast recorded on 3 January 2013

Chase Jarvis

Mentioned by Roger Overall during the podcast recorded on Thursday 3 January 2013




Scott of the Antartic

Scott of the Antartic
Morten Hansen

- wrote "Great by Choice" with Jim Collins

Jim Collins

- wrote "Great by Choice" with Morten T Hansen
"Visit's Jim Collins Page and shop for all Jim Collins books..."

Steve Jobs

Founder of Apple

Sarah - @misspheric

The Voice who introduces BusinessJazz

"Freaky, normal, complicated, simple and everything in between - what else?"

Simon Sinek - @simonsinek

Author of "Start with Why"

Julien Smith - @julien

"The Impact Equation" with Chris Brogan.
"Julien Smith is also bestselling author of two books: the first, Trust Agents (with Chris Brogan) was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. His most recent bestseller, The Flinch, has over 100,000 copies distributed. Julien has been an author, a professional voice actor + radio broadcaster, a consultant and speaker

Peter Cox - @petercoxphoto

Photographer -
"Beautiful landscape photographs by Ireland's leading landscape photographer. Stunning prints of iconic locations."

AJ Leon - @ajleon

Author of emails that cause #BusinessJazz to speak out...
Misfits-Inc is his business - but he's really in business to spark off a revolution - inspire people to live with intention & become the artist they fear to be... (not his words)

Mark Rock - @markrock

The guy behind the platform on which BusinessJazz began...
"Founder & President at Audioboo, dad of 4 and wants a vegetable garden. Organic, of course..."

macolgan james (macolgan)

The Catalyst who shifted BusinessJazz into action.
"Hi ... I'm @macolgan - I think . I "have" been wrong before though :)
Living in bustling ' Central Belt ' of Scotland - my plans are to retire to West Coast or Islands.
A keen cyclist, but spend more time now walking my local hills & parks.

Jane Boyd - @boydjane

Behind the scenes Jane Boyd has been a key influencer - her "45Conversations" showed what could be done...

Mark Cotton - @mcfontaine

Director of Sound for BusinessJazz
"Freelance Audio Engineer, musician & creator. Stunt Guitarist with @Just_Fontaine. Producer of @BParkPodcast I am the audio wrangler"

Chris Brogan

Author of the weekly email that inspired BusinessJazz.
Human Business Works is his business.