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Top 10 Technology Trends 2019

Let us explore some of the Top 10 Technology Trends 2019!


AI will be used in more industries

AI will be used in more industries

AI has come a long way. In the past couple of years, science has made large leaps in making AI as intelligent and dynamic as it can possibly be. The more recent examples of AI seem to focus more on the refinement of things such as machine learning platforms, decision management tools, and language generation. This means that AI has come to a point where it can create smart, logical decisions based on analyzing data. Jobs that involve a lot of data science will surely be one of the first industries that AI will improve on in the next couple of years.


Augmented reality / Virtual reality

Augmented reality / Virtual reality

These 2 popular immersion tools have gained steady traction over the years. Some people think that they are the same thing but that's actually not the case. Augmented reality uses real-world views, often by using video capture, and adds computer-generated elements to "augment" what you can already see. This tech has been made popular by mobile apps like Pokémon Go and Snapchat filters. Virtual reality, on the other hand, creates a totally immersive digital world with mostly interactive features. VR users totally lose contact with the real world to further add the element of realism. Various business sectors like the automotive, healthcare and gaming industries are now using these powerful pieces of tech to better enhance their day to day processes.



Biometrics is the technical term for measurements found in a person's body. It is considered to be an excellent tool to use for purposes of identification and security control. Biometrics are far more advantageous compared to other forms of security as its readily accessible, you don't have to remember any unique password or code to be granted access. Also unlike keys, Biometrics will never be stolen nor misplaced. As we speak, the improvements in keeping Biometrics secure have been huge, so much so that even the military has come to accept it as their go-to for granting access to information on the battlefield.



Blockchain is a record of data that are used for cryptocurrency. It is often considered as the foundation of a transaction done online. Blockchain is a vital tool to use because its very core only allows data to be added, changing or erasing data is not allowed. This adds a significant layer of security to transactions as well as keeping important information intact. As the use of this technology spreads, so does the need for skilled users and professionals.


Internet of Things

It is generally agreed upon that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of the future. In a nutshell, IoT is a system that connects different computing machines and users. They are given unique identifiers which then gives them the ability to send and receive information without human interaction. This system is simple in theory but can potentially produce unbelievable results, imagine having to transfer data to practically anyone (and anything) with very little restrictions. "Users" of this advanced system are not limited to us humans, even animals can be classified as a user via biochips installed to their bodies. Information on the animals like weight, age and origin can be transmitted over a network in the blink of an eye. Amazing!




It is very possible that 5G technology could be made available before 2019 ends. Why is it important you ask? Analysts say that 5G technology can be almost 10X as fast as 4G, allowing users to experience efficiency that's even better than what's available at home connections. Wow. Think about that for a minute. Other cool features they are looking at is the capability is to drastically improve the power consumption of wireless units and to allow a person to connect multiple 5G capable devices at one time. As you can see, upgrading to 5G is a massive improvement in communication whichever angle you look at it.


Automation in the house

Automation in the house

There's been a recent trend in making our everyday machines "smarter". This is also the case with the appliances that we have at home. The plan is to make our daily chores simpler and easier to accomplish by using appliances that are practically independent. From simple things such as opening and closing of lights to helping out with general cleaning, automation can definitely be useful for those who want to have convenience inside their homes.


Speech transcription

It was not too long ago when voice recognition software was deemed too unreliable for things such as basic transcribing and recognizing voice/text. The reasons for this are numerous but not limited: to the clarity of the recording, accent, speed, and overall pacing. However, today's innovations in this field have made substantial gains in accuracy. An example of this is Microsoft's new speech recognition software that can recognize voice samples with staggering accuracy. They tested the accuracy of the new software and found out that it was actually more accurate than a human, having an error percentage of only 5.1%! On a related note, chatbot technology is getting more and more complex every day. It is safe to say that it will continue to grow with time. One can only imagine how well these robots can communicate with people in the not so far future!


Top 10 Technology Trends 2019

Top 10 Technology Trends 2019

Keeping up with technology can be quite a fascinating thing to do. The speed at which technology has been going for the past decade is nothing short of impressive, and as of this writing, more and more developments are being conceived in every part of the world.

People have started making predictions on what's going to be the "next big thing" in 2019, and with good reason - being ahead of the pack is now considered a necessity, especially as technology rapidly evolves. Technology impacts different industries more that we'll ever know. The faster people adapt to change, the easier it is for them to be on the cutting edge of what's available out there.

In this article, we will look into the trends that will impact technology in 2019.