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Lastline: Network Security, Email Security, AI Cybersecurity

Lastline offers AI cybersecurity solutions to improve network security and email security, with fewer resources and lower TCO than other security products.

Why Are Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks On The Rise? | Lastline

With business email compromise (BEC) attacks on the rise, the need for better email security services increases. Learn why safe email is hard to find.

Understanding the True Cost of a Data Breach | Lastline

Not every aspect of a data breach impact is obvious at first. In this post, we examine what the true cost of a data breach is and how it impacts your business. Read more.

Malware-as-a-Service: The 9-to-5 of Organized Cybercrime | Lastline

Malware-as-a-Service provides everything a cybercriminal needs to get started and threatens modern organizations in two ways, Read more at the Lastline company blog.

Getting Your Exec Team On-Board With Modernizing Its IT Security Solutions | Lastline

Struggling to get your C-Suite onboard with updating your IT security solutions? Here are some strategies for turning them around. Read more.

Your organization’s biggest security threat is a tool your employees use every day. Even now, with advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and personal devices, email remains the most common vector of cyberattack. Approximately 76% of organizations in 2017 experienced phishing attacks – and this is only one type of email vulnerability. Securing critical data is a top priority for modern businesses, and email security is essential to keeping your company’s data safe.

AI and Cybersecurity: Understanding the Advantages and Limitations | Lastline

Using AI for cybersecurity isn’t new, but how does it actually help analysts? This article looks at the relationship between AI and cybersecurity and how they relate today. Read more.

How Cloud Computing Enables (And Threatens) Organizations’ Digital Transformation | Lastline

Understanding and fully leveraging all aspects of the cloud is essential to using it to facilitate growth. This foundational post describes the flavors of cloud deployment models and explores associated security challenges.

Five High-Profile Watering Hole Attacks Highlight Importance of Network Security | Lastline

Over the past few years, high-profile U.S. organizations like the Department of Labor and have suffered watering hole attacks. These campaigns continue to pop up today, which is why organizations need to monitor their networks for digital threats.