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Cresthill Capital

Cresthill Capital provides small business funding and merchant cash advances to small, existing businesses. We review your free application and recent revenue, then make a competitive offer with flexible terms within hours. We offer fast approval, funding based on your cash flow needs, competitive offers, and a no-cost application.


A working capital advance is needed when there is not enough funds to finance the day to day operations of the company. This cash advance is used to pay the wages and cover accounts payable of the company. This advance is especially important for companies that have seasonal sales of their products. Merchant cash advance is not a business loan and it cannot be utilized for anything other than for business purposes. Small time businesses sell a portion of their future debit and credit card sales in return for immediate ploughing of a lump sum amount into their business. Since they are not loans, they do not come under the state usury laws. Under the provisions of a regular business loan, the merchant has to pay back a fixed amount monthly irrespective of how good or bad their monthly sale is. Merchant cash advance lenders like Cresthill Capital give them the flexibility to manage their cash flow better.

Cresthill Capital is a well-known merchant cash advance provider. This cash advance is a large sum of money that is paid to a business. In return for this payment, the business has to give a certain percentage that is agreed upon of the future profits gained from debit or credit cards. Retail businesses are not given bank loans, so they have to depend on these merchant cash advances. The repayments are made daily or weekly instead of monthly like it is usually done with banks. Unlike the repayment to banks which is usually a fixed amount for every month for a particular period of time, the repayment for merchant cash advances will include the fees and will have to be repaid until the whole advance is paid off.

My Bank Turned Me Down for a Small Business Loan, So What Do I Do Now?

You decide to follow your dream and start up your own business. You knew it would be challenging and you’ would have to deny yourself many of the extras you used to buy but you don’t care. You are doing what you love and you are your own boss. You had a good business plan and set up in a good location. Now you have developed a loyal customer base and they are in turn, telling their friends and family. Cresthill Capital

What is a Capital Funding Company?

There was a time when the only place a business could go to get a loan was a bank or a credit union. After all, this was one of their main functions and defined one of their roles in the economy. These financial institutions generally loaned money to individuals who were starting a new business. Among other things, personal credit was important, how much you had of your own money and where it came from, and of course, your business plan. Cresthill Capital

You Thought You Had a Sound Business Plan

One of the big reasons you may want to strike out on your own and take the plunge is because you just want to do something you love and you are good at. This is usually the best reason to start your own business because, though it will be hard and will require a lot of your time, you will love doing it. And so you do it. You save your money to get through what you know will be lean times, and you set up shop. Cresthill Capital

What is a B2B Reseller?

Small businesses, in particular, can use resellers, especially for online sales. They may hire someone to write up product descriptions and other online content that requires writing or photography skills. The consultant they hire may not be able to do this themselves, but they will find other companies that do writing and photography and contract with them to do the required work. Those people are B2B resellers. They purchase the service they need from one company and then resell it to the company that hired them. Cresthill Capital

My Business Took Off Better Than Expected, But I Need Funding to Grow

As an established leader in the industry, we understand how vital financing is to small businesses. Our funding programs provide opportunities for small business owners to access flexible, competitive, and dependable financing options. Cresthill Capital

This is how I used alternative funding to stay ahead of the cash flow problems during off-seasons.

Every business is tied to seasonal demands (it could quite literally be weather-related or be dependent on religious or school holidays) that determine its sales and with it the profitability of the business. I am in the construction business, and we have our own low-demand months – mostly the winters when the bad weather makes it impossible to carry out any type of construction safely.