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Grow a Better Garden in the PNW and Beyond

Resources to help you garden better and easier! There's a reason I call myself a lazy Master Gardener - I'm too busy to get too granular. These are my favorite how to resources - I hope you find them useful too!

Metro Master Gardeners - OSU Extension Service

For more than three decades the master gardeners of the tri-county Portland metropolitan area have participated in training and educational programs that benefit the home gardener in the Pacific Northwest..

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook | Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Handbook

Diseases! Yuck! But they happen! And the first step to figuring out what to do is figuring out what you've got! This handbook is the first tool we Master Gardeners turn too to help identify and then, in my case, pick cultural or organic controls to address...

Maritime PNW Weeds Listed by Botanical Name - The Westside Gardener

A great resource if you can't figure out whether its a weed or a plant!!!!

Compost Made Easy

These 10 facts about composting will help you turn food and yard waste into garden gold.

Is it a ladybug or an asian lady beetle? These are the questions that trouble gardeners. This insect management handbook is one of the main tools Master Gardeners use, but a quick rerminder to first check if its a good bug and two, IMHO, put down the spray and look for cultural controls (hey - this is not an official MG list so I can say that!)

Lift weights, eat mustard, build muscles?

If you want to lean out, add muscle and get ripped, new research suggests to look to your garden for help. Scientists have found that when a specific plant steroid was ingested by rats, it triggered a response similar to anabolic steroids with minimal side effects. The stimulatory effect of homobrassinolide on protein synthesis in muscle cells led to increases in lean body mass, muscle mass, and physical performance.

Growing your own

Resources from the Scholars Archive at Oregon State University