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5 Unusual Attractions in Oman - Fabulous attractions overlooked by many!

Oman is a country that promises all kinds of luxuries to its visitors. However, there are several unusual and exciting attractions that tourists generally tend to miss out on. Here is a list of five of attractions in Oman that is considered unusual.


Nakhal Fort

The Nakhal Fort is a huge fortification that is situated around the Al Batinah region. This magnificent fortress is surrounded by green palm trees. The Nakhal fort does not have any specific shape and is considered very irregular, as it was constructed on a massive base atop a boulder. The fort was reconstructed many times over the years in order to ordain protection to the routes used for trade. Notable renovations were made in the ninth and seventeenth centuries. The Nakhal Fort is also home to a mosque located on the first floor and reception and other residential quarters located on the upper levels. If you're looking for the best hotels in Oman for accommodation for a luxurious stay, then there are plenty around some of the best attractions in Oman. For instance, you can try the Al Wadi Hotel for a memorable experience.


Bimmah Sinkhole

The sinkholes are usually a result of the groundwater that keeps wearing away rocks in the likes of carbonate and limestone. As these rocks erode away, caverns are formed and in its final stages the groundwater overpowers and takes down houses, cars and whatnot. In the northern territory of Oman, you can find a famous sinkhole called the Bimmah Sinkhole. This is an epic example of this natural occurrence. Here you'll witness astounding colours of the water, a brilliant shade of turquoise as a result of the sea water mixing with the fresh one. Geologists confirmed that this phenomenon that occurred was a sinkhole. However, locals do like to fancy that the place was hit by a meteorite!


The Muttrah Souq

When you see the word 'souq' in the Arab world, you must know this refers to a marketplace. And The Muttrah Souq is known to be one of the ancient marketplaces you can still visit today. Like many souqs, this place too is full of life and vibrancy that you immediately feel right at home with many friendly faces offering to help you out. The place is dotted with stalls selling spices and clothing attire.


Beehive Tombs of Bat

Another unusual attraction in Oman, commanding the attention of many, are the tombs located in the mountainous terrain in the North. Here, perched on hilltops are more than hundred tombs that take the shape of beehives. Although reliable data are not available on the history of the place, the tombs are said to have been constructed as early as 2000 BCE. You might find it a bit difficult to find these tombs, as they are camouflaged with the hills. But once you get closer, you can see several clusters of tombs!


Snake Canyon

In Wadi Bani Awf, you can explore one of the water parks that was formed naturally without man's interference. This is one of the biggest valleys of Oman, where you can explore many quaint villages, natural wonders and ruins. Besides, the valleys are flanked with a myriad number of brilliant pools with its natural slides.