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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Bali at least once – What all the hype about?

Whether it's gorgeous beaches or the mouthwatering food or even the rich culture, a trip to Bali is an experience that you will cherish and relive for the rest of your life, here's why.


The culture

The Balinese culture in Indonesia is heavily influenced by visiting Chinese, Dutch and Indian merchant vessels. Cultural shows consist of a variety of dances performed by dancers dressed in colourful and vibrant costumes. Indonesia's main religion, Hinduism plays a huge role behind the development of the country.


The Food

If you're a foodie you'll love how rich and flavourful the food in Bali is! There are so many dishes and drinks to try that you can easily spend a few days exploring Bali and trying out the various eateries; the best part is the food is super cheap! Gado Gado, nasi goring, chicken satay, beef rendang and nasi campur are some of the popular dishes that you should while you're in Bali.


The adventures

Whether it's snorkelling in Gili Meno or scuba diving in the Gili islands or even boat rides in Kuta Lombok there are plenty of adventures and experiences to try out in Bali. If you're looking for a challenge Mount Batur volcano is something you should to your to-do list.


The weather

The nice tropical weather in Bali lets you enjoy the beach, the wildlife and lets you go sight-seeing all year long without having to worry about an umbrella or rain gear. The temperature stays between 26-31o all year long and the weather is humid and warm most of the time. Mid-year is a great time to visit Bali as most of the cultural festivals happen during this time.



The hospitality in Bali is one of the main things that set it apart from other popular tourist destinations in the region. Everyone in Bali is very friendly and willing to help you out. Don't be surprised if you're even invited to share a meal with them, the folks are that friendly and welcoming!


The Temples

There are lots of temples in Bali to choose from. Every temple can be distinctively told apart from the other due to their unique styles. The best time to visit is during the anniversary of the temple you're visiting. You might want to do some research on which temple has its anniversary during the time you're in Bali and plan which temples to visit accordingly.


The Beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches in and around Bali that you could easily spend a week exploring and visiting the beaches that Bali has to offer. The beauty beneath the sea in Bali is almost or if not even more beautiful than what the surface has to offer. The beaches of Bali are great for surfing whether you're a pro or a new to the sport and want to learn how to surf. Staying at a Seminyak beach resort or hotel similar to Alila Corporate is a good place to start if you're going to Bali to for the beaches, as the beaches in Seminyak are some of the best in Bali.


It's economical

Whether you're into shopping, want to try food from different cultures or you want to immerse yourself in nature, Bali is a great place to visit without having to spend a colossal amount of money. From lodging to transportation to food, you can customize your trip according to your budget.


Snorkelling and diving

The beaches of Bali are great for snorkelling whether you're pro or a novice. The seas of Indonesia are home to sea turtles, underwater flora and fauna and a wide variety of multi-coloured fish.



The Bali handicraft comes in all shapes, colours and makes for great mementoes and souvenirs. You can find a great collection of items like sarongs, incense, candles and wooden items at Krisna, a market found on Sunset road in the town of Kuta.