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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top 5 Unusual but Must-See Attractions in Bangkok Thailand - From Medical Museums, Skyscrapers to Swings!

Thailand is a hot tourist destination boasting of many things that tourists love and rave about. But how about some unusual things in Thailand? If you want to explore that section, here are some of the attractions you can explore on your trip to Thailand.


Siriraj Medical Museum

The Siriraj Medical Museum is located in one of the oldest hospitals in Thailand and boasts o medical marvels and curiosities. You can witness it all by paying this museum a visit. The Museum consists of six sections themed around pathology, forensics, Thai medical history, parasitology, anatomy, and a prehistoric museum. The Siririaj has a vivid collection of organs, fetuses, bones, corpse and remains of a serial killer, a Thai medicine outlet, parasites, snakes, tarantulas, skulls and so much more for which you'll need quite a strong stomach to explore. The museum also showcases a 2- and 1/2-foot scrotum that was taken from a patient who was suffering from elephantiasis.


Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

This unusual graveyard, located close to an auto body shop, houses two MD-82s and a 747 plane. It's quite odd to see massive aeroplanes all just lying there on the side of the road. Since January 2010, the yard has been taken up by planes, old junked ones. To make these lands home to abandoned planes, three families had to move from the place. So yes, this place is a permanent aeroplane graveyard for the planes who have done their time. Go have a look at this place located close to the Ramkhamhaeng Road in Bangkok.

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Bangkok's Ghost Tower: The Sathorn Unique

Have you wanted to be a ghost rider at some point in your life? Or just like to explore all things haunted? Well then, head over to this unfinished skyscraper named The Sathorn Unique. The project started back in the 1990s but as a result of the Asian Financial Crisis that happened in 1997, the skyscraper didn't get enough funding to be completed and was abandoned. However, rumours have it that it isn't abandoned anymore and has been taken over by ghosts!


Amulet Market

The amulet market is dotted with many stalls all selling one thing: Amulets. These amulets have different purposes and you'll find thousands of them. Some are worn for protection, both from the spiritual world and the physical one, some for good health, to buy a new home, bring good business and so on and so forth. The place has a lot of visitors, both tourists and locals, all searching eagerly through the stalls for amulets that will do the trick!


The Giant Swing

The Giant Swing stands tall at 88 feet and was built back in 1784. The construction was ordered by the king at the time, King Rama I. The swing is also listed as a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, over the years, the swing took some significant hits from drastic weather and had to be restored. This was completed in the year 2007. Due to the size of this swing, workers had to use huge tree trunks to get the job done!