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Headline for Top 5 Eco friendly products in the market that you don't know
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Top 5 Eco friendly products in the market that you don't know

When you have decided to live a eco friendly and looking for eco friendly product for your use, then here is the top 5 eco friendly products available in the market that most people won't be aware of. Some products list doesn't use electricity and some does leave ZERO waste. But you always choose the right eco products that will best suit your need.

Palm Leaf Plates - Disposable & Eco-friendly

Palm leaf plates are made from Areca sheath, a tree from the palm family grown mainly in South India for the betel nuts it produces.These plates are rustic, but has the property of being sturdy and lightweight.They are 100% eco friendly and get composed completely in the less than 90 days.

Brush with Bamboo – The ecological bamboo toothbrush

Millions and millions of plastic toothbrush used is still lying on the earth. They don't decompose and become soil. With this in mind, this team had come up with a beautiful idea. It's a tooth brush made from Bamboo. The bristles are also eco friendly and made from a base of a vegetable oil. Care has be taken to make the wrapper and package to be eco friendly.

Coir Mats and Rolls, Polypropylene Mats, Rubber Mats, Cotton Rugs

Coir Mats are 100% eco friendly and made from a coir which is actually a fibre derived from coconut husk.

Jute Bag Manufacturer, Exporter & Wholesaler – -

Looking for premium quality Jute Bags ? This is one best place to buy in Bulk quality. The bags can be customized and any custom print can be done on the bags.


Watsan Water purifier - No electricity needed.

Access to clean water is very essential these days. Most areas, the drinking water/groundwater is contaminated by various reasons.
That's why Watsan Envirotech ,had come up with a amazing water purifier. The concept used for filtering the water is an inspiration from Nature itself. The Best part is that it doesn't require Electricity to operate and well suited for rural and urban areas.