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Surah Dua

If you are facing love problems in your life and unable to overcome it, you are in the right place. Surah Dua is an online portal which provides powerful healing dua prayers to solve love issues. If you want this dua or prayers, contact us now or visit us @

Home - Surah Dua

What is Islamic Amal? Amal in general terms, means good deeds or beneficial and beautiful acts performed according to the…

Home - Surah Dua

If you are facing love problems in your life and unable to overcome it, you are in the right place. Surah Dua is an online portal which provides powerful healing dua prayers to solve love issues. If you want this dua or prayers, contact us now or visit us @

Ayatul Kursi Wazifa For Love Marriage In 3 days

if you are looking for ayatul kursi wazifa for love marriage in 3 days then consult Molvi ji and get instant islamic wazifa for love marriage

Maa Baap Or Waldain Ko Psand Ki Shadi K Liye Razi Karne Ka Wazifa Or Dua

agar aap Maa- baap or waldain ko psand ki shadi k liye razi karne ka wazifa aur dua hasil karna chahte hai to Molvi Ji se rabta kare.

Dua And Wazifa For Acceptance Of Marriage Proposal In Urdu - Surah Dua

Are you in love? You want to get married to that person, as soon as possible? Do you want to send a successful marriage proposal at your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s place? It is easy to fall in love but very tough to get that person, for life. Having a friend whom you admire and want to spend life with, is not very difficult but getting married successfully to him or her, its difficult and most of the time it’s impossible. In such scenarios, only wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal can save you.

Wazifa For Love Marriage Success - Surah Al Rahman Wazifa For Shadi

if you want to get wazifa for love marriae success then consult from Molvi Ji and also can take surah al rahman for shadi

Wazifa To Bring Back Love - Wazifa To Get Your Lost Lover Back

Every lover dreams to spend the rest of his life with his/ her partner. But your dreams turn into nightmare when your love leaves you and goes. It is the most heart wrenching experience for a person. However, one should not feel devastated and try to bring his/ her love back in their life. The best way to bring your love back in your life is to recite the wazifa to bring back love. The wazifa will help you convince your lover to come back to you, no matter what the reason was of leaving you.

Wazifa To Get My Love Back - Powerful Wazifa For Lost Love

Losing someone you have once loved from the core of your heart is very painful. You fall short of ways to get your love back in your life. But, no matter what, you may not be ready to give up. If you’ve lost your lover and you wish to get them back in your life at any cost, then you should recite the wazifa to get my love back . The wazifa will help you win your lover back in your life. In the world of Allah (swt) even the impossible gets possible. Thus, when you pray with a clean heart, then Allah talah will definitely bestow you with all you desire.

Wazifa To Marry The Person You Love - Surah Dua

In today’s time, everyone has a feeling for someone. Yes, you do love or like a person. It is up to you whether you keep it hidden or express your love. But, the fact is when you love someone, and then you want him/ her to love you back. Well, if you do not have the strength to express your love to the person you love, then you should recite the wazifa for the one you love. The wazifa will help you easily express your feelings to that person and get married to him/ her.

Wazifa To Get Girlfriend Back - Amal for Getting Girlfriend - Surah Dua

Lack of trust, misunderstanding and miscommunication can tear apart the most perfect relation on this earth. Thus, in order to maintain a healthy relationship, it is very important that you trust your partner and understand them. But, if this is not working and your girlfriend has left you and is not ready to come back you, then you should recite the wazifa to get girlfriend back. The wazifa will save your relationship and will bring back your girlfriend in your life.

Powerful Wazifa To Get Your Love Back - Bring Lost Love Wazifa

Getting dumped by the person you love is very devastating. It breaks you from the inside. And, all you think is winning your love back in your life again. Well, if your lover has left you and gone and you want him/ her back in your life at any cost, but all your confrontations and pleadings have failed, then you should seek refuge in the light of Allah (Swt). You should recite the wazifa to get love back and Insha Allah, very soon your lover will come back to you.

Powerful Wazifa For Getting Your Love Back - Bring Lost Love Wazifa Urdu

Your lover is the closest person to your heart and losing someone close to your heart is very disturbing and depressing. Well, if your lover has left you and gone and you burn in this agony, then you should recite the wazifa for getting your love back. The wazifa will help you win your lover back in your life. He/ she will come back to you and will never leave you ever again. The wazifa is very powerful and effective and will provide you with efficient result in sometime.

Islamic Wazifa For Love Come Back - Short Wazifa To Get Ex Lover Back

do you want islamic wazifa for love come back then consult with Molvi Ji and get short wazifa to get your love back or wazifa will bring your ex lover back.

Short Wazifa To Bring Love Back - Wazifa To Convince Parents For Lover

Every lover is scared of one thing and i.e. losing their love. Yes, you cannot afford to lose your lover for any reason. So, if there happens to be a fight between you two and your lover wants to leave you and even after your persuasion and pleading, he/ she is not ready to come back, then you should recite the short wazifa to bring love back. The wazifa will rejuvenate your love life and your lover will melt in front of you. He/ she will come back to you and everything will be fine.

Amal and Wazifa To Create Love in Someone's Heart - Surah Dua

Love is a divine feeling and when you fall in love, everything looks beautiful. But what if when you love a person and he/ she don’t love you back. It will tear your heart to pieces. But, in the world of Allah (swt), nothing is impossible. So, when you recite the wazifa to create love in someone’s heart, Allah (Swt) will fill your lover’s heart with immense love for you. He /she will fall in love with you and will always be loyal to you.

Wazifa To Make Someone Love You - Surah For The Person You Love - Surah Dua

Being loved by the person you love is just the best feeling of this earth. When you get the love of your lover, then life seems amazing. You are just the luckiest person alive and you do not feel short of anything. But, a lot of people fail to get the love of the person they admire. However, Allah talah doesn’t make anything impossible to attain. All you need to do is recite the wazifa to make someone love you and Insha Allah, it will win the heart of that person and he/ she will start loving you from the core of their heart.

Ya Wadud Wazifa To Get Back Lost Love - Wazifa For Husband Love

Love is the most beautiful feeling that a person can feel for another person in this entire world. When we like a person all we want is to stay with them forever and ever or to make them our life partner. Some people get the love of the person they admire easily. Whereas, some people do everything to impress the person they admire and to make him or her fall in love with them but never succeed. This is very depressing for any lover. So to get love of your lover recite this Ya Wadud wazifa in Urdu benefits.

Wazifa To Get Your Ex Lover Back - Get Ex Love Back By Wazifa

want poweful wazifa to get your ex lover back to bring your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back then consult with Molvi Ji and get your ex love back by wazifa.

Most Strong and Powerful Wazifa for Love Problem Solution- Surah Dua

do you want powerful wazifa for love problem solution then consult with Molvi Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji and get strong love problem solution wazifa in Urdu.

Jaldi Acha Rishta Aane Ka Wazifa - Powerful Wazifa for Good Rishta

kya jaldi acha rishta aane ka wazifa hasil karna chahte hai to Molvi Ji se rabta kare aur powerful wazifa for good rishta ya acha rishta milne ka wazifa le.

Quranic Wazifa Verses For Quick Love Marriage - Love Marriage Taweez

Islamic weddings or nikah is a blessed contract made between a man and his wife. It is holy agreement flanked between two people to bruing them together to be with each other, forever, Masha Allah. Allah has talked about marriage, in expressing and moving terms, this bond is full of love, sympathy and security. Nikah has to be performed by everyone as it is one of the sunnahs of our Prophet Mohammad SAW. Plus, the choice or preference of the man and the woman, matters a lot in a marriage.

Powerful and Tested Wazifa for Love Marriage of Own Choice in 3 Days

We all have affection for any person in our hearts. Everyone loves or admires some or the other person. If you are able to marry the person you love then you might be the luckiest person on earth. But not everyone is lucky enough to marry their lover. Such people should cast powerful and tested wazifa for love marriage in 3 days. If your lover is of other caste or religion then that creates a lot of problem for you to marry him or her. Usually your parents from the fear of society deny for such marriage and your dream of marrying the person you love never comes true. Powerful and tested wazifa for love marriage in 3 days will make your dream of marrying your lover come true. For more information visit

Wazifa for Wife To Come Back and Love Husband - Surah Dua

If your wife has left you and gone to her home and she is angry with you but you want her to come back to you, then you should perform the wazifa for wife to come back and love husband. With the help of this wazifa, not only you will get your wife back but she will also love you madly and never leave you and go. The wazifa is very powerful and will yield desired results in a short span of time. All you need to do is perform is with great dedication and devotion and Insha Allah, very soon you will get results. Does your wife has gone away from you? Do you want her to get back in your life? If yes then, here is the powerful wazifa for wife to come back and love husband. You can get this wazifa by consulting with our Molvi Ji. for more information visit

Islamic Wazifa for Wife To Come Back - Wazifa To Bring Wife Back

Does your wife doesn’t have the basic romantic skills to make you feel loved? Do you and your wife fight a lot over small things and every time there is an argument, she leaves the house? Well, if your wife has left your house and has gone to her father’s house to stay, then this is not right. It is very important to maintain the marital balance for a happy married life. However, if your wife isn’t behaving maturely and she leaves the house every now and then for petty reasons, then you should recite the wazifa for wife come back. The wazifa will help you get your wife back to you. She will behave well with you and never leave the house again. To get the powerful Islamic wazifa for wife to come back, you just need to consult with our Molvi Ji. Alongwith this powerful islamic wazifa for wife to come back, you will also get wazifa to bring wife back. For more information visit

Islamic Wazifa To Control My Wife - Wazifa For Obedient Wife

Does your wife fights with you very frequently? Does your wife fights and argue with you very often? Do you think your wife is arrogant and rude to you? Well if your wife doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t love you or perform her responsibilities as she should, then you should perform the wazifa to control my wife. The wazifa is very powerful and will help you generate love feelings in her heart. She will respect you, trust you and become your obedient. She will co-operate with you and live her life well with you. Is your wife out of control? Is she disobedient? If your answer is yes, you just need Islamic wazifa to control your wife. To get Islamic wazifa to control wife consult with our Molvi Ji. You will also get wazifa for obedient wife. For more information visit