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Top 5 attractions in Liaoning - A complete insight!

Are you heading to the Liaoning Province when in China? Then here are some of the top 5 attractions you should definitely check out!


Shenyang Mukden Palace

The Shenyang Mukden Palace is located in the capital of the Liaoning Province which is the Shenyang city. The place used to house the very early emperors of the Qing Dynasty which lasted from 1644-1911. The palace was built in 1625 and used to be the residence of the first three emperors of the Qing Dynasty. To add to the intrigue, the design of the palace takes its inspiration from the Forbidden City located in Beijing. With the addition of architectural influences from both Tibetan and Manchurians, the place stands a truly outstanding place of beauty.


Tiger Beach Ocean Park

If you want some entertainment, then without further ado, jot down this place as a must go. The Tiger Beach Ocean Park located in the Dalian City is the first themed ocean park in China and it approximately covers around 1,180,000 square meters. The park also covers around 1,000 meters of coastline too! The ocean park has some excellent attractions like the polar aquarium, the largest coral museum in the country and a 4D theatre along with so many other attractions. In Dalian, accommodation can be found at the Somerset Grand Central Dalian which offers its guests a memorable stay.


Jiumenkou Great Wall

Jiumenkou Great Wall is a part of the Great Wall that actually is built over water. This part of the great wall is situated in Suizhong County of Huludao City and expands for about 1,704 metres spanning north to south. The Jiujiang River, on the other hand, runs beneath the wall. Due to its splendid construction that still stands strong today, it was listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites back in 2002.


Wu'nyu Mountain City

How about exploring a mountain city as part of your travels? You won't regret it for sure. This unique place is located north of the Huanren Town in Huanren Manchu Autonomous County atop a mountain. The place has well-preserved culture and history and serves as a place of significance among the Chinese. Wu'nyu Mountain City came to existence back in 37 B.C and used to be the first capital city of the Koguryo Kingdom, an ancient kingdom of northeast China. The place has revealed some of the extraordinary and treasured relics and remains of the ancient world and thus has been listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.


Benxi Water Cave

Next up is the Benxi Water Cave which can be located around the Taizi River bank approximately 26 km east of Benxi City. This exceptional water cave was formed millions of years ago and is basically a river karst underneath the ground. Besides, the place has the longest underground river running right through these caves, which is measured to be around 5,800 km. The Benxi Water Cave has two sections to explore, the wet one and the dry one. The wet one can be easily explored via a boat ride which once again is a truly unique experience.