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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Top 7 must-try dishes in Hải Phòng, Vietnam - A thorough guide of the best picks!
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Top 7 must-try dishes in Hải Phòng, Vietnam - A thorough guide of the best picks!

Vietnamese food is acclaimed worldwide and you are bound to find a vendor or restaurant selling this exotic cuisine is most parts the world. Where else can you taste the most authentic Vietnamese food, then in Vietnam itself? Make sure to try out these dishes!


Bánh Cuốn- Steamed Rice Cake

This heavenly dish is one of the popular food in Vietnam and is made out of rice cakes that have been turned into thin sheets. The dish is topped with cucumber, bean sprouts, lettuce, pork sausage, fried shallots, minced beef, scallions and shrimp for an absolutely satisfying meal. On top of it, the dish is most often served with some deep fried mung bean cakes and potato shrimp tempura. What more could you ask from a dish? It's all laid out here!


Bánh Mì- Vietnamese Sandwich

This is a famous sandwich, popular among all the locals. Grab a Bánh Mì from a good street vendor to taste this perfectly put out sandwich. The Bánh Mì contains, a crispy freshly baked baguette that is sliced open to being filled with a number of ingredients which includes, steamed pork roll, barbecued pork, pickled carrots, daikon radish, fresh cilantro, and cucumber. Once you've had a bite of this dish, all other sandwiches lose their limelight. If you're looking for accommodation in Hai Phong, serviced apartments in the likes of Somerset Central TD Hai Phong City are a popular form of comfortable accommodation.


Gỏi cuốn- Spring Rolls

These aren't anything like those egg rolls you pretty much get anywhere. No, not here in Vietnam, the Gỏi cuốn spring rolls here aren't even fried and come with a variety of ingredients. Some of the best ones are that made with grilled pork. Peanut sauce will be served to you as well, for flavour!


Bánh Xèo- Pancake

Yes, this is another well-known dish in Vietnam and deserves a seating at the top 7. Pancakes are loved by all and are a filling breakfast dish. So when in Vietnam choose one of these crispy crepes for an absolutely ravishing dish! Also, try the Bánh Khọt which are tiny pancakes all boasting of some mouth-watering flavour!


Cơm chiên- fried rice

Asian cuisines are popular for their rice dishes, yes? And none more than fried rice. So when in Vietnam, give the local fried rice dish, the Cơm chiên, a taste. This isn't the typical rice dish you can try pretty much get anywhere. No no, the Cơm chiên has most of the vegetables you'll expect, with the addition of some cilantro, eggs and sausages!


Cơm Tấm- Broken Rice

Another well-known rice dish is none other than the broken rice or the Cơm Tấm in Vietnamese. These are made from rice grains that have been fractured! And along with it, you get the most delicious side dishes making this dish one of the top picks to try when in Vietnam.


Bún Bò Huế- Beef Vermicelli Soup

Looking for soup to try? Then, check out the Bún Bò Huế which is basically beef vermicelli soup. With the addition of pork and lemongrass, the flavour is absolutely heavenly!