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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 5 amazing buildings of Hong Kong - A complete guide!

Hong Kong's world-famous skyline is home to some of the truly incredible buildings. When in Hong Kong, keep an eye out for these buildings for some quality photos.


Bank of China Tower

The Bank of China is a must mention when talking about the beautiful buildings constructed in Hong Kong. The country's skyline wouldn't be deemed complete, if not for this tower. What more? The skyscraper is considered a vital landmark, like how Eiffel Tower is for Paris. If that's the case, then make sure to set plenty of time aside to spend some time marveling at this splendid building which was unveiled by I.M.Pei in 1990.


Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Fan of Zaha Hadid, the world-famous British architect? Then in Hong Kong, you can witness one of her prominent works, a futuristic building. The tower was completed in 2014, to which the architect commented that 'it all started here'. That says it all, doesn't it? This place is going to be a true architectural icon. If you're looking for furnished apartments in Kowloon for accommodation around the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, then check out Hotel Pravo Hong Kong. This hotel is only 2.5 km away from the tower.


Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal

Hong Kong isn't home to many heritage buildings, and you won't find many at central Hong Kong. However, the Hong Kong Court Building is a true neoclassical masterpiece, standing magnificent capturing the eyes of everyone around. The building completed construction in 1912 by the very architects who participated in the construction of the Buckingham Palace and the V&A museum in the city of London. So, expect to see something truly breathtaking. Besides, the colonial building has elements of Greek architecture added to it, with the addition of marvellous pediments and columns. Over the years, the place has been used for many purposes, since its birth a century ago. For example, the place was utilized as a military headquarters from 1941 to 1945 by the Japanese, during their occupation.


Chi Lin Nunnery

For any traveller seeking unique experiences in the Asian continent, a cultural building showcasing tradition of years gone by is a must. The Chi Lin Nunnery is just the place, which used to be a Buddhist temple during the Tang dynasty. It has many water features, like the waterfall you'll be able to see at the restaurant around the area. It's quite easy to be enchanted and spend a whole day here staring at the many natural features, like the aforementioned waterfall and lotus ponds. To boot, the place was constructed without using even one nail. That's right, the wood was joined using an ancient technique, and it worked! The structure stands tall and marvellous till today.


Asia Society

This is a truly unique building. It has modern architecture coupled with some well-unified heritage sites. The granite pavilion is another worthy mention. The Asia Society was designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, husband and wife, who took special care when it came to be constructing this place. How special? Well, for one, during construction, the workers found a host of fruit bats in the trees around. The palm trees were meant to be taken down in order to build a footbridge. But the architects didn't seem to want to take this natural habitat down and formed a zigzagged bridge around the palm trees!