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Mobile Repair

Here you can find interesting topics about mobile ,iphone repair and many useful tips

Have you recently dropped iPhone in water? Do not panic! This might seem like a horror movie, but if you act smartly, then you can end up saving your phone without any trouble. Many of users suffer from iPhone water damage now and then. While the new generation of the iPhone could be water-resistant, it is not entirely waterproof. Furthermore, the feature isn’t available in most of the iOS devices. If your iPhone wet will not turn on, then read on and try to implement these quick solutions.

You cannot go back in time and save your iPhone from getting dropped in water, but you can make an effort to stop iPhone water damage. We have listed 10 things that one should immediately do after when they have dropped iPhone in water.
1. Do not turn it on

This is the most powerful thing that you should keep in mind if you have dropped your iPhone in water. The chances are that your device would turn off after being damaged by water. If your iPhone wet will not turn on, then do not panic or try to turn it on manually at this stage. If the water has moved inside the device, then it might cause more damage to your iPhone than good. To start with, keep it ideal and try not to switch it on.

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When you begin running short on space on your iPhone, you can start offloading photos, deleting apps and videos to free up space or you can extend your storage. You can also try to fool your iPhone into freeing up some space.

Because no one likes to be made delete apps or deal with photo storage, let’s look at a couple of ways you can recover some space on your iPhone without taking such extreme measures.
1. Stop saving texts forever

By default, your iPhone saves all of the text messages you receive and send forever. This is helpful if you need to look up a 12-month-old conversation; not so useful if you need that storage space back. To stop your iPhone from saving texts forever, open up the Settings app and tap Messages. Scroll down till you find Message History and tap Keep Messages. Transfer Forever to 30 Days or 1 Year. A pop-up will request you if you want to delete earlier messages; tap Delete to proceed.

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It could happen to everyone: accidentally dropping your phone onto a less than the forgiving floor. You are not careless; phones are just smooth. However, because we’re aware of our phones capability to spontaneously fling from hand to the floor in the middle of a text, it is best to practice safe iPhone handling. Especially if you are clinging to the precious cargo that is a brand new phone. You might want to know how to protect your phone from breaking. Because even though it’s a new design, it can — and according to current reports, if dropped, it probably will. In this blog, you will find Everything You Need to Know About How to Protect your iPhone form Breaking.

There’s pride in staring into your iPhone and admiring its perfectness, crack-free form after going through life with it over the course of three years. It shows your ability to take care of things. But, there is no judgment in a shattered screen. We have all been there. On such an occasion, I considered I was placing my phone in a coffee shop. In the middle of an interesting conversation, I underrated my proximity to the counter, and when I let go of the boat that carries all of my notes to self, contacts and, pictures it belly flopped onto the concrete floor in slow motion. Taking with it was my stomach. It was not good.

If you are a happy new owner of an iPhone X, you will want to take attention against the phone-hungry floors we walk upon, especially considering it’s glass. You know, to avoid the resulting destruction that we all know to follow well. You will want to protect this latest version of your iPhone.

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If you are already an iPhone X user, you know that having the device can be both a good and a scourge. Apple’s iPhone X is packed with features and extras – the likes of which have never been seen before. iPhone X’s problems manage to range from your smartphone’s facial description not working to an unresponsive touchscreen. One of the most obvious questions that happen is broken glass. Broken screens on an iPhone X are more common because the phone is often comprised of a screen. Therefore there is more glass covering the exterior area of the device.

For screen smacks, you may be covered under an AppleCare Warranty, so it is best to reduce. If the guarantee is expired, program a repair with Rocketfix, and we will fix your shattered screen, today.

Apple created this ultra-powerful machine, which is not entirely fool-proof. But that’s ok. We want to prepare you for any following screen issues you may struggle, and help you with how to fix them along the process.

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Welcome to our iPhone 7 troubleshooting page. For those of us fortunate just to have encountered them, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are considered great smartphones that deserve a place in the handset hall of fame. Yes, there were some glitches and irregularities when they first came out around mid-September 2016. Read down below for more about iPhone 7 Repair in Los Angeles.

However, many of those iPhone 7 problems were directly connected to the iOS 10.0 release that took place only a few days before the phone’s release. Today, after many updates, those initial problems have been solved, but there are still some ordinary iPhone 7 changes that you may be experiencing. The great news is that there’s plenty of iPhone 7 troubleshooting advice to help solve those problems.

My iPhone 7 won’t turn on

Let’s take it from the head – how to fix an iPhone 7 that won’t turn on?

Iphone 7 Troubleshooting

If you fly over close to the sun, you can get burned. So while the iPhone X took all the opportunities, gained all the hype and suffered the criticism that comes with it, Apple directly positioned the iPhone 8 Plus as a great phone. No surprises, no thrills, and less reason for frustration. That’s why it’s so simple to overlook the fact that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are excellent phones.

They come equipped with powerful processing abilities, stellar screens, and cameras, good battery lifetime, wireless charging and more. If the iPhone X hadn’t stolen their thunder, they would be in every discussion about the best smartphones of our time. In spite of their greatness, some iPhone 8 Plus problems need to be discussed. Here are common iPhone 8 Plus problems and their solutions on how to cope with them.

Retain your software updated to bypass ordinary iPhone 8 Plus problems
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Your favorite iPhone 8’s cracked back screen is becoming increasingly more significant by the day. It is now your purpose to get the device repaired to avoid further damage to the phone and your fingers. Read down below for iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair in Los Angeles.

Not only can a broken iPhone back screen cut your hands and fingers, but it is also slightly challenging to continue posting text messages and emails with such destruction. Even the most honest task such as holding your device while setting for the train to come could become a bloody accident.

The problem is, what can you do to guarantee your iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair most professionally? DIY repairs can lead to tons of expected complications such as screen malfunctioning in the form of random freezing, etc. For a complete list of iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair troubleshooting tips, check out another article from The Beat, in which we cover this issue in more detail.
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Despite the high prices, iPhones seem to be created for replacement on a specific schedule. After a couple of years, the battery life begins to fade (and that’s assuming you didn’t drop the phone and crack the screen before then).Apple will come to repair broken iphone , but it won’t do this for free, even if you’re still in the warranty period, as accidental damage isn’t covered by the standard warranty.

Even Apple’s extended guaranty only covers two years. Do you have to pay $649 — at least — for the latest iPhone every two years just to be sure you have a phone that still works? Not surely!

Almost all of us has been through the situation that a smartphone or a tablet is crushed. Depending on many factors, you have a big choice to take. This choice should also be made quickly because smartphones and tablets are necessary nowadays.

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The most used and the most important button on the iPhone is a Home button. As the Home button serves many purposes, the mechanical switch is a subject to a high level of use, and potential for wear and tear. That is why, more than any other physical button, the Home button has been a source of problems over the years, both for Apple and its consumers.

The Home button has come a long way since its debut on the original iPhone in 2007. Check below how the Home button has changed over these years.
A release of iPhone

The original iPhone was released in 2007; it set the standard for future touchscreen smartphone interfaces. This iPhone introduced the Home button design as a rounded rectangular icon along with the basic functionalities. The button was mainly used to access the single press home screen, so the original iPhone boasted low failure rates in comparison to its successors.

Its Home button was a part of the docking assembly, not a physical display assembly. Getting to it was a hard task, so if repairs were necessary, they were difficult: the Home button as a part of the docking assembly, required the phone to be taken apart completely.

When looking at failure rates, the original iPhone didn’t have as many failure rates as more recent generations of iPhones.
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Evolution of Iphone Button

No matter how careful we are, everyone drops their iPhone from time to time. Usually, the consequences of a drop are not serious, but in some cases, screens crack or shatter. If your iPhone screen is cracked or broken, chances are the phone will still work. However, it might be difficult to see what is going on.
As an iPhone owner, you have a lot of different repair options — too many in fact, and sometimes it can become overwhelming. When your iPhone screen is shattered, it is challenging to figure out what you should do, which repair option is the best, or if you should even repair it at all. In this post, I explain what to do when your iPhone screen is broken and go through the different repair options.

If Your iPhone Is Under Warranty

Contact your nearest Apple store or call the main Apple store. They may replace the phone if it is under warranty or it is more cost effective to replace than repair. They may repair the screen, which may also incur a charge depending upon the warranty. The standard warranty which comes with the iPhone does not cover accidental damage; it means that a cracked screen isn’t something that can be fixed for free.
One important term of the iPhone warranty is that if anyone other than an Apple-authorized tech opens the iPhone, the entire warranty is automatically voided.
So, if you need a repair, the first thing you should do is check to see whether your iPhone is still under warranty. If it`s, you should get support directly from Apple, the phone company you bought the phone from, or from an Apple authorized reseller.
Options for a broken iphone screen

Cell Phone Repair: What To Know Before You Go

t’s the scenario that plagues each smartphone owner’s goals. You’re causation a text. Otherwise, you area unit taking your cell phone out of your pocket, then bam—gravity will be its factor, and your cell phone is on the bottom with a screen filled with spider

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