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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Top 7 must-try meals in Sathorn Bangkok - A guide to some exquisite food in town!
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Top 7 must-try meals in Sathorn Bangkok - A guide to some exquisite food in town!

A good vacation involves trying some unique local dishes. Here are some of the must-try dishes when in the beautiful city of Sathorn in Bangkok.


The Egg Parmesan

The Egg Parmesan is a popular appetiser in Sathorn Bangkok and is served at the Marcel restaurant. The egg yolk is made to perfection, where it is runny and with the addition of the parmesan cheese on top; the egg parmesan is truly a delightful dish. Plus, the waiters keep bringing you some crispy baguettes to go with the dish!

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The Beef Steak

Steak is a well-loved dish around the world, and Sathorn Bangkok is no exception. But this dry aged beef steak available in this city is something else altogether. The tender meat is cooked to perfection with so much flavour. But with a potent ponzu jelly topping, the steak is just out of the world. Nothing compares to it! And the price, completely worth it.


Engawa Foie Gras Magma

Fond of sushi? Then head to Sushi Mori for a well put out a plate of sushi. This new place is getting everyone's attention, and you need to go here for the smoked halibut fin. This is served with wasabi, salmon roe and some delicious foie gras sauce!


The chrysanthemum tofu with almond syrup

This dish is a truly unique one. Served at M Krub, the dish is made by first cutting the tofu into very thin strips. This is then immersed and surrounded in plenty of sweet almond syrup, that's going to make you crave for more of this dish. This modern twist to a beloved Chinese dish, shouldn't be missed out on!


The truffle and Iberico pork grilled cheese

Who doesn't love a grilled cheese? And you can try this at Sathorn Bangkok. Not the normal kind, no. Here, at the Revolucion Cocktail, you can have one of the most flavoursome truffle grilled cheese ever. With the addition of pork, you pretty much have all you ever wanted in one plate.


The Tomahawk

At Lady Brett, you can have a delicious plate of the best barbecue in town. An eight-hundred-gram piece of tender meat is cooked to perfection with all the right herbs and spices added to it. Cut through the finely cooked meat, to reveal a red core, oozing with flavour. The aroma is another story altogether. It doesn't hit you with all that charcoal smoke like some barbecued meat but rather gently enchant your senses with hints of the smoke, making your mouth water!


Burrito Wrap

Looking for a local breakfast dish? Then try the burrito wrap served at Luke. It's priced just right, and its wallet friendly. And to boot, well worth your money! This is a pretty heavy dish which has all the elements that make up a perfect well thought out dish. There are elements of scrambled egg, sausages, quinoa, cheese, avocado and tomato salsa. With it, you also get served with "Thai chipotle" salsa which promises flavours that you are not going to forget for a long time!