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Are Tinted Number Plates Legal or Illegal? | Top Digital Blog

Many people get tempted by seeing the beauty of tinted number plates and think if they can put one such plate on their cars too. Many dealers sell tinted private number plates as show plates only and not for the use on the public road.

6 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU ARE- Stuck in Traffic |

Stuck in traffic? Well, there are a few things you can do to escape the boredom. Here are a few for your reference.

Black and Silver Personalized Plate – Is it allowed?

The Motor Car Act 1903 led to the issue of the first registration number with one letter and one number like A1. After that, all the vehicles are supposed to be registered and mandatorily display a registration number.

3D and 4D number plates:- Here’s what you need to know

The 3D gel letters are tough in nature. They are quite flexible and don’t get damaged easily. But the private number plate featuring gel letters must be handled with care and stay away from scratching the surface.

You Can Make Your Own Number Plate - plates4less - Quora

Great news! You can make your own number plate as per your choice. Many dealers allow you to personalize your bike or car’s registration number. If you want to buy a number plate and use it as a gift for Christmas or special occasion like a rally, you can put your preferred emojis, slogan, words, etc. on the number plate. If you are going to use the number plate for normal use on the public road, then you have to follow the DVLA rules, but then also, a customized plate complying the state and traffic laws is allowed to put on your vehicle.

The Advancement of Technology in Private Number Plates - Automotive Digital Marketing

The field of number plates has experienced the advancement of technology over the last two decades. A normal camera is unable to pick up the number plates in an effective manner. Specially modified cameras that use infrared light receivers can get a clear image of any car number plate. In the process of normal scanning, the picture of the vehicle is taken with the gathering of necessary data.

Now, once an image of the registration plate is taken, both the data and the image of the particular vehicle is transmitted to the specific processor. The Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology is applied to examine the infrared image. The machine learning can read the number plate accurately from the entire image and separating the letters and numbers from the rest of the picture.

Going on, once the processor receives the text string, it is then forwarded to a database that scrutinizes it against the records. If it gets matched, the driver is allowed to make use of the tollway and park freely. If it doesn’t match, the number plate along with the entire image is forwarded to the department of billing or the parking enforcement agent for further deal.

Now You Can Have Your Child’s Name on Your Private Number Plate by Kent Charlie

We know that registration number plates can be personalized and we can put own desired letters on it. Certain factors are given importance like the plate can’t show any offensive word. The number plate can’t make the car appear newer than its original age. However, for many people, the language of the private number plate can be confusing.

Music To Drive To |

As everybody knows, your car is really a karaoke machine. It is a small venue for a glorious gig in which you are the star. Here are a few great songs

The Best Driving Video Games

The video game industry is huge, with a wide number of title available across a range of platforms. Driving games, in particular, had been incredibly popular. Here, let’s a quick peek at some of the best.

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In the UK, personalized number plates are everyday sight. Many times, the plates cost much more than the cars on which they are attached. In the late phase of this decade, two private number plates that are listed for sale on Plate Trader have attempted to break all the previous records for charging the largest amount of money.

The Best Driving Video Games

The video game industry is huge, with a wide number of title available across a range of platforms. Driving games, in particular, had been incredibly popular. Here, let’s a quick peek at some of the best.

Top 6 Car Accessories to Buy in 2019 |

Technology’s come a long way, and now the possibilities are endless when it comes to the electrical accessories you can add to your vehicle. Here are the top 6 electrical accessories you can buy foryour car in 2019.

Want to Know About the Coolest Private Number Plates?

Buying a great looking car and putting an ordinary number plate on it can ruin the entire reputation of yours. Great number plates are meant for great cars. The craze for personalized number plates has increased by leaps and bounds, and the manufacturing house is generating millions of unique number plates every year.

Can You Get Instant Valuations of Number Plates Free?

The computer-generated free valuations provide an approximate figure. The problem with these estimations is that as they are generated by the computer, they are unable to point out the names and the special implication like humans can do.

Do You Want to Sell Your Number Plate Privately?

The number plate dealers are similar to the estate agents. They usually act as middlemen between the buyer and the seller. They do an agreement of the value that they target to return to the seller for his/her private number plate.

Do You Want to Keep Your Private Number Plate? - Motor's War - The Auto Revolution

Many of you may wish to keep the personalized number plate even if you decide to sell your car holding it. Private number plates are a passion for most of the people. That is why they don’t want to be apart from a particular plate even after scrapping their cars.

Picking up a Private Number Plate? Wait and mind what to do and what to avoid - Blog Oval

The wish for making your quality car stand out in the crowd has urged you to consider paying a massive amount for the perfect number plate. Also, affordable private number plates are available, but few people won’t mind disbursing any amount of cash for a number plate. Like, back in 2008, Afzal Khan purchased ‘F1’ for a whopping £440,000 and put it on his Mercedes Benz McLaren.

Market Your Business Through Personalized Number Plate | Avextinct

Advertising and marketing are gradually developing with every passing day. Though the internet is growing explosively, yet there is an opportunity for offline innovation in brand promotion and marketing.

The Story of Vanity Plates

Vanity plates are special kind of vehicle registration plate given to a motorized vehicle. The vehicle owner has to pay extra money for owning letters and numbers of personal choice. These combinations of letters and numbers usually display recognizable slogan, phrase, abbreviation, etc.

Vanity plate sales is a predominant source of revenue in the North American provincial and state licensing concerns. In certain jurisdiction like British Columbia, the vanity plates boast different design and color scheme. In all the U.S. states and the District of Columbia, vanity plates are issued. Also, every Canadian province except Labrador and Newfoundland issue vanity plates.

Few times, it has been observed that the matter of licensing the cyclists and registering bicycles have arrived in the media. The issue is put forward mainly by the politicians. The argument revolves around the comparison of the motorists and the cyclists. The stress is on the probability of obligation for the cyclists to buy private registration plate for their respective cycles. But, it shows little merit as it is believed that the registration or licensing would be harsh, expensive and an extra blockade to cycling which is considered as unnecessary.

Recycling A Car |

If it’s not profitable to repair a vehicle, the course taken after scrapping is recycling. Some pieces might be used on other vehicles, but the car

Is Your Private Registration Number at Risk?

It is always suggested to inform the insurer about the personalized number plate that you have added to your vehicle for avoiding discrediting your cover. As per a report of a renowned organization, out of 302 comprehensive car insurance policies, only 19 cover personalized plate’s loss. The insurance cover scales from £200 to unlimited along with 16 insurers covering £5,000 and beyond.

SCAMS Alert! Report Immediately

Majority of the car owners are continuing with DVLA onsite services. But, it is a cause of concern. Many people are not aware of the services and how DVLA look after these services and process them. We can give a big thanks to the SEO that is Search Engine Optimization.

Pressed Number Plates: What are they?

Have you heard of pressed number plates?

Pressed plates are nothing but metal number plates where the numbers and letters are raised off the background. They are very stylish in appearance.

Can modern vehicles have pressed registration plates?

You will get the complete guidelines given for the number plates’ display for those vehicles that are registered from 21st March 2001 under British Standard BS AU 145d. The guidelines stated that the registration number plates must be constructed of reflective material that is not retroactively treated to be reflective.

Aluminum is traditionally used to make pressed number plates. But, it doesn’t meet the standard. The material should be flexible in such an extent that it should be capable of springing up back to the original shape if it is bent. Metals can’t serve this purpose.

Private Number Plates Can be Bad for You - Motor's War

Do you know that private number plates can be bad for you? Yes, along with the pros, these plates carry some cons with them. This article is about the bad named earned by the private number plates due to certain problems. Let’s get to the problems: