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“Blog Mandi” will serve as an Informative Mart and you can fetch any interesting or relevant information, knowledge or education as per your taste and requirement.

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Information, knowledge and education are different things but we usually mix them up which may be considered as lack of our vocabulary and terminology.

According to dictionaries and definitions, the basic thing is education which gives us a specific path to gain information and knowledge. Education is a limited procedure of receiving or giving organized trainings and instructions, mainly in schools, colleges or universities but it can be obtained from such other ways like teaching, tuition, tutoring, caching, drilling, guidance, preparations or guidance also.

Knowledge is answers or awareness of experience and observations of a fact or situation. It is a theoretical or practical understanding of any subject which attracts you or a keen person who wants to know something about facts, information and skills but this is a reality that no knowledge can be achieved without education.

So knowledge has a close relation with education at one side and Information at other hand because the meaning of information is; facts provided or learned about something or someone.

According to Wikipedia, Information is any entity or form that provides the answer to a question of some kind or resolves uncertainty. It is thus related to data and knowledge, as data represents values attributed to parameters, and knowledge signifies understanding of real things or abstract concepts.
“Blog Mandi” has been created to give you education, knowledge and information at one platform.

“Mandi” is an Urdu word which is equal to market in English and in a market you can get everything according to your needs. It is a regular gathering place of people for purchase and sale of all commodities.

“Blog Mandi” will serve as an Informative Mart and you can fetch any interesting or relevant information, knowledge or education as per your taste and requirement.

“Information for Everyone” is our main theme so please come and get your required information from “Blog Mandi” at the price of “Login” only.

Sizzling Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream | Blog Mandi

Sizzling Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream Recipe By Farah Gilani. 1 cup Cooking Chocolate1/2 cup Butter3 Eggs1/2 cup Caster sugar3/4 cup Flour

Fish Steak | Blog Mandi

Fish Steak Recipe By Farah Gilani. 600g Fish2 tbsp Lemon juice2 tbsp Soy sauce1 tbsp Oyster Sauce2 tbsp chili sauceSalt to taste 1/2 tsp Black Pepper

5 Things To Remember While Gaming Online | Blog Mandi

5 Things To Remember While Gaming Online. Top 5 Factors To Consider While Gaming Online. While living in digital age, gaming is getting popular

History Of Hockey | Blog Mandi

If you go through the history of hockey you come to know that it is very interesting and amusing as it start thousands of years before

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise | Blog Mandi

Best Guide To Lose Weight Fast. This is an effective way to lose weight fast and easily because in it dieting is not too compulsory

How To Lose Belly Fat At Home - 7 Best Exercises | Blog Mandi

7 Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat If you really willing to reduce belly fat here are best 7 best Exercises to reduce belly fat fast and in easy way.

5 Movies Banned For Sexually Explicit Content | Blog Mandi

5 Movies Banned For Sexually Explicit Content. Top 5 Movies Banned For Their Sexual Content. Censor boards do not like sexual visuals at all

15 Stunning Bunto Kazmi Bridal Dresses | Blog Mandi

One of the most famous emerging names of the fashion industry in Pakistan is Bunto Kazmi. She is emerging fashion designer and built strong reputation in fashion industry.

Apple Announced New MacBook Air And iPad Pro | Blog Mandi

Apple Announced New MacBook Air And iPad Pro. Apple introduces this MacBook on Wednesday 7 November 2018. In 2018 Apple introduce many products in market.

Apple New Macbook Air - Strike the Market | Blog Mandi

Apple New Macbook Air - Strike the Market. Apple introduced its new model of MacBook that is called AIR which is most light weighted MacBook of Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications, Price And Release Date | Blog Mandi

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications, Price and Release Date disclosed. Samsung will release three models of Galaxy S10, which are compatible with the latest technology of 5-G

World’s Smallest Smartphone | Blog Mandi

Palm brand introduced world's smallest smartphone whose size is equals to credit card.

Different Types of Healthcare | Blog Mandi

Different Types of Healthcare. In many countries government announce proper healthcare structure for people so that they can fulfill their health needs.

Why Health Insurance Is Important? | Blog Mandi

Why Health Insurance Is Important? Without health insurance you make your life risky, because at the time of any disease you have to pay more for your treatment

7 Classic Politics Films To Watch | Blog Mandi

7 Classic Politics Films To Watch. Sometimes it gets difficult to watch movies related to politics whether it was based on foreign or domestic issues.

Potato Doughnuts | Blog Mandi

Potato Doughnuts Recipe By Farah Gilani. ½ KG Chicken5 Chopped Green Chilies1 Chopped Onion10 gm.Chopped Mint10 gm. Fresh chopped CorianderSalt (As Needed)

Lahori Fish Fry | Blog Mandi

Lahori Fish Fry Recipe By Farah Gilani. 700g raho fish1 tbsp Garlic pasteSalt to taste2 tbsp Rice Flour3 tbsp Flour4 tbsp Lemon Juice 1/2 tsp (methi)

How Can I Start Making Money Online | Blog Mandi

In today’s world mostly people choose one option out of 2, whether they want to making money online quickly or they want long lasting and supportive results of their earning. Now days there are many ways, by using these ways you can start making money online. It is not as difficult task as many people think. But for online or offline work you must need discipline.

If you want to search the answer of “how can i start making money online” then you can find out many ways that can give you help to earn more and more but in which some of the ways can give you immediate results and earning so that you can fulfill your basic needs easily but most of ways give you positive results but after some times. But the most important is to select the way carefully for making money online.

In the whole world there are 7-8 billion people, when you select the way you must keep in mind that people wants two things; more money & more time. If you prefer money on time then keep in mind that you earn money, spend it or you save money or waste all your money but one time money reached to its low level and become finish. But time can never come back. If you have no time then online earning is difficult for you. Here we explain some effective methods to earn money, by using these methods you can earn money on internet very easily but for this you have to learn all process behind it.

It is not necessary to focus on the method you select for the online earning but important is this whether that method encourage you or not? In online working there are a lot of difficulties. If you are interested in online earning then give preferences this job as part time job. On internet you can find many ways to earn online, e.g. blogging, attract people and make you audience. But blog is not compulsory to start earning you can also find out many other ways. But if you select blogs for your earning then it is most effective means of earning.


Car Insurance And Why It Is Important? | Blog Mandi

When you pay the amount to car insurance company you become surprise to think that why you buy car insurance policy and what is the main aim of this policy. If you recently buy your own car and you drive this car as a new driver then it is annoying for you that you pay money every month and in return you get nothing. But if you think deeply you come to know that car insurance is too beneficial for you and it is not a type of any fraud. When you completely understand this then you become satisfied.

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Benefits & Types Of Insurance | Blog Mandi

Now days every person is focus on his life and property. Their focus is because of the fear of death, illness, injuries or any damage to his property. Because of these damages they face the loss of money. To avoid this insurance is a good way to convert these risks to insurance companies.

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Top 10 Universities For Online Classes | Blog Mandi

In old days online education publicity increase rapidly and also this method of education attract the number of students from all over the world, these all fame is just because of the online courses and online classes that offer by many universities for the comfort of working students. A new study show that most of the online research is done by online education gaining students as compare to those institution’s students who gain education with traditional means.

All facilities that are offer by online education attract the students from all over the world. It is suitable for those who want to complete their education with job. Now a day’s maximum numbers of people engage themselves in online education because of lack of time. Many famous universities in the world start giving priorities to online classes instead of traditional education just because of the flexibility and simplicity.

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7 Classic Political Films To Watch | Blog Mandi

Sometimes it gets difficult to watch movies related to politics whether it was based on foreign or domestic issues. This is not a reason that these movies subject are too boring or unattractive but as citizens we don’t pretend to pay attention on such issues. Movies on politics can change your thinking or vision about so many thing and can effect emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially.

However if you are a true fan of cinema, you will definitely show your curse to understand the grace and beauty of political based movies. Now question arises where to start? For your convenience here is the list of 7 classic political films to watch.

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