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List of Health Benefits of Steam Rooms – Because Self-Care Must be a Priority

During and after any stressful period in your life, you should take care to relax your body and your mind. A visit to the steam room is a way to achieve this, along with many other health benefits.


Healthy Skin

People spend large amounts of money on complex skin care routines, but visits to a steam room alone can have a positive impact on the skin. The dirt, grime and dust we are constantly exposed to in our day to day lives result in toxins collecting under the skin. Spending some time in the steam room opens up the pores on your face, and the condensation which forms results in any dead skin and dirt being cleaned out. The result is clear and radiant skin, which is even toned and feels good. The steam room will have your face feeling cleansed and refreshed. It also helps in the healing of broken skin tissues, thus providing additional benefits to the skin. This is just one of the benefits of a session at the steam room.


Easing Congestion

Steam treatment, or steam inhalation is a popular remedy used by persons who suffer from congested noses or sinuses, as it clears this congestion and gives temporary relief and comfort. Steam rooms have a similar impact on congestion, and are in fact safer than the former as it reduces the risk of burns. The steam room warms the mucus membranes while forcing deep breaths. This in turn loosens up any congestion in the nose and lungs, allowing you to breath with more ease.


Reducing Stress

Stress is a growing worldwide phenomenon, with millions suffering from stress due to the increasing pressures in day to day life. It is important to incorporate stress relief methods into ones routine, for the sake of maintaining mental and physical health. When you spend time in a steam room, your cortisol levels drop, and this results in feeling more relaxed and peaceful. The steam room is thus a good place to think, where you will have a clearer mind. Treat yourself to a vacation at a Maldives Spa Resort to escape the stress, and at places like Anantara Veli Maldives Resort you can enjoy steam room facilities.


Improving Circulation and Reducing Blood Pressure

Being in a steam room results in the small blood vessels becoming dilated, resulting in better blood circulation, and the increase of oxygen that passes through your body. This improved circulation is an important health benefit, especially with age. The steam room also results in an increase of a hormone called aldosterone, which has the effect of regulating your blood pressure, which helps maintain a good heart rate and a healthy heart. It will leave your body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Relieving Sore Muscles

A session in the steam room is great for athletes, or those who have engaged in some sort of physical labour or exercise. Following strain, the muscles suffer from a type of soreness known as DOMS, which causes pains in the body. The heat in the steam room can penetrate the tissues in the muscles and thus ease the pain in the muscles. This gives the body a sense of comfort. A visit to the steam room is also a good idea before a workout, the heat will relax your joints, thus making them more flexible. This is a form of warming up, which reduces the risk of injury during sports.