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Top 10 Malaysian Food for Your Taste Buds – Decadent and Divine

With influences from across the region, Malaysian cuisine is rich with flavour, making the country a foodies paradise. Try these local foods to experience the tastes of Malaysia.


Nasi Lemak

Rich, flavorful and mouthwateringly delicious are all ways to describe what is probably Malaysia's most popular dish. Rice heavy as it is cooked in coconut milk, served with amazing side dishes, which may range from sambals, curries, fried anchovies and peanuts; and often served in a coconut leaf. The combination of flavours is divine, and is a must try.


Chasiew Rice

An absolute treat to the taste buds, chasiew consists of barbeque pork (and sometimes chicken) in a glazing sweet sauce, which is thick and rich. The sauce that the meat is marinated in is made of several ingredients including honey, soy sauce, hoisin sauce and sugar, which gives it a sticky texture. The dish is usually made from fatty strips of pork, often the shoulder, which once cooked melts in the mouth.


Hokkien Mee

This dish is extremely popular in KL, especially on a night out on the town. It is make up of a Chinese style yellow noodle, prepared with a combination of soy sauce and meats and sea food, including plenty of pork and squid. It is garnished with crispy pieces of pork lard, which give it a delicious finish. Wherever you eat in the world, whether it is street food in Malaysia or Romantic Dining Maldives, always opt for the local favorites.



This is a meaty dish, that may be a novel experience for many that try it. This consists of fatty pork ribs, which have spent a long time marinating in a flavorful broth with spices and herbs in it. It sometimes includes a few vegetables as well. It translates to Meat-Bone-Tea, and the name is no surprise, and the meat just falls off the bones.



Satays are popular all over the world, and are a favorite in Malaysia. While the type of meat varies, what they are popular for the is yellow turmeric based sauce they are dressed in which adds heaps of flavour. This is often enjoyed with a peanut sauce.


Roti Canai

A lot of the food you find in Malaysia is influenced by India, and this is one such dish. It is a type of paratha roti, served with various curries. South Asian flavours are a global favorite, and can be enjoyed at every corner of the world, from the most glamorous parts of the West to the secluded Naladhu Private Island Maldives.



This is a sort of fruit and vegetable salad, but instead of the normal sweet flavours it has a mix of slightly tangy and spicy tastes as well. The palm sugar dressing gives it a delicious taste, and this Malaysian variant reflects the flavours from India.


Nasi Dagang

This is another dish made from rice steamed in coconut milk, served with several sides such as a fish curry, egg and pickle. It comes from the East Coast areas of the country, and you will find it eaten for breakfast quite often.


Nasi Kandar

Unlike the rice dishes make in coconut milk, this one which comes from the Northern part of the country is made of steamed rice. The accompaniments include a meat, and vegetables such as brinjal, bitter gourd or okra.


Sang Har Kwey Teow

This is a noodle dish reflecting Cantonese styles of cuisine, which is made from flat rice noodles, which are stir fried in soy sauce and a variety of other spices and condiments. The whole prawns in the dish are what make it a favourite among foodies.