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10 Basic Rules in Playing Golf – For Calming Fun

Many play golf to relax, and even if you aren't playing competitively it is important to stick to the basic rules. They are simple to follow so go out there and enjoy!


Learn the basics of the game

Before you head over to your first game of golf, try to learn the basics. You may not be able to know them all like a pro, but learn how the game works. There are a total of 34 rules, and sub rules derived from those. These rules were standardized in 1990, combining the rules previously followed by the USGA and the R&A.


Know the basic premises to stick to

There are three basic premises on which a game of golf in premised, they are playing the ball from where it lies, playing the course as you find it, and when you can't do those, doing what is fair. They are easy to remember and important to stick to during your game.


Take the right equipment

There are some rules to follow in terms of the equipment that you take for your golf game. This is mainly that you should not have more than 14 clubs with you. There is no minimum number to have, but as a matter of etiquette you shouldn't have too few balls and tees and have to borrow from others. If you are staying a place like Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort and are playing just because the course in nearby, you may be able to rent the equipment.


Wear the right attire

Some courses may have a dress code that they expect you to follow, but if it doesn't, just dress smartly and appropriately. In general long shorts, slacks or a skirt with a collard t shirt will do.


Learn where to tee from

Look for the tee markers on the course, they will be stones or cones or something similar lined a few feet apart. You need to start between these two markers, either parallel to them or up to two clubs length behind them.


Learn the order of play

There are basic rules to follow in regard to the order of play in a game of golf known as honours; for the first game it doesn't matter, you can draw lots or decide how you choose, but thereafter, the person who has honours, i.e. the person with the best score tees first.


Don't touch the ball

This means that you need to play your shot from exactly where the ball has landed; there are occasionally rules which allow the picking up of the ball, but in most circumstances the general rule is not to.


Balls out of bounds

The bounds of the course are clearly marked, and if you go outside these bounds you need to add a stroke to your score and play another shot from the same spot. You won't have time however to check if the ball is in fact out of bounds and then return to your spot and hit another shot, so if you aren't sure, hit another shot (known as a provisional ball) and continue with the first shot if it isn't out of bounds.


Water Hazards

The rules are similar with water hazards which will be marked on the course. You can hit the ball from a spot in the water, though this isn't encouraged; you should take a one stroke penalty and hit the ball from a place you are permitted to from.


Pace yourself right

Golf courses can get crowded, and so it is important that you don't play too slow and hold up those who may be playing behind you. Be ready to make your shot as soon as it is your turn, have your club ready. It is however a relaxed game, so put it on your list of Uluwatu things to do.