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photography ideas for beginners

Photography Tips and Ideas. Helpful tips for the beginner photographer.


Smartphones in product photography - Offshore Clipping Path

Read the full article to have an idea on the kind of smartphones you should invest on for your professional product photography.

Is a DSLR really important for professional photography?

Have you ever wondered why DSLR camera is important for professional photography and not the high-end smartphone cmaeras? Read this article for the answer.

Ethics in Photography Offshore Clipping Path Ethics in Photography

Ethics in Photography is very important as this is a profession where many people would follow both your goods and bads and implement them into their lives.

Things you should know before creating your own photography studio

Get a basic idea on what you should know before creating your own photo studio by reading the article and get better prepared for your initiative.

Digital Photography: Aperture the hole in camera lense

The opening in a lens through which light passes to enter the camera body is known as aperture. Aperture is basically the hole in camera lense.

Shutter speed People involved with digital photography must know

The three pillars of digital photography are ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Shutter speed mostly referred as 1s, 1/2s, ¼s, 1/250s, 1/500s, etc.

EOS 5D Mark IV A DSLR camera full of exciting features

The camera EOS 5D Mark IV has not failed to surprise Canon lovers with its features and uniqueness. The camera is full of unique and exciting features.

Most profitable places to sell photographs online: For both pro and amateur photographers

With an aim of helping both amateur and professional photographers, Offshore Clipping Path team has researched different websites and found these sites effective to turn images into hard cash by selling them to the potential customers.

Digital photography: ISO for the ecommerce photographer

If you are new in digital photography then there are some basics that you immediately need to know. ISO, undoubtedly, is one of those basics.

Five tricks to improve apparel photography - Offshore Clipping Path

Apparel photography plays a very important role in e-commerce photography. Making any mistake here may cost thousands of dollars.

How to master product photography on a limited budget - Offshore Clipping Path

Do you want to get outstanding output on product photography with your limited budget? Read the full article to get the solution.

Step By Step Guide On Modeling Portfolio - Offshore Clipping Path

Here's a step-by-step guide for aspiring models on how to get a professional Modelling portfolio with awesome pictures for your next interview.

Photography composition Tips for Beginners - Improve your Photography like a Pro!

15 must required photography composition techniques for beginners. Learn the best tips and how to create a perfect composition like an expert!

How an eCommerce photographer can get more photography clients - Offshore Clipping Path

To be a successful photographer do you want to get more photography clients. You are in the right position. In this article, you will get all your answer.

Ecommerce photography guide: Everything you need to know to start an ecommerce product photography business

The complete guide to starting an ecommerce photography business. Everything you need to know about ecommerce product photography and your target customers.