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Updated by Germain APM on Jan 27, 2019
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Germain APM

24x7 monitoring, analytics and automation to help improve User, Process and Technology performance

Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring & Session Replay with germain APM, you can monitor user in real time and get a complete user experience metrics and identify user issues, end-to-end root-cause analysis and many more for more productivity.

Application Performance Monitoring

Application performance monitoring and Management tool from germain APM, you can monitor and manage, 24×7, in real-time, the performance of any business application.

Business Process Monitoring Platform

Business Process Analytics, performance management tool and processes monitoring at germain APM. helps you best understand where processes fail to effectively execute or get delayed.

Real Time Analytics Software

Best real-time traffic analytics, business tools with advanced analytics. with Germain APM you can monitors, 24x7, in real-time, the user experience and performance of any business applications and behavior.

User Experience Analytics

User Experience Analytics by germain apm now Monitor, 24×7, in real-time, the performance of users and technologies, a proactive approach for end-to-end performance review and user monitoring tool.

Application Performance Monitoring Pricing

Best real-time traffic analytics, business tools with advanced analytics, with Germain APM at lowest cost, have a look at our various plans designed according to your requirement.

Siebel CRM Monitoring Software

Monitor Siebel CRM, configuration and associated business process and user with Germain APM.

Java Application Performance Management

Monitor Java apps such as JVM, Threads, Transactions, Apis, Functions etc. with business process/workflow and real-time user analysis with Germain APM. Contact us for more detail.

C# application performance monitoring

.Net Application performance monitoring tool by germain APM allows you to monitor .net apps such as codes, threads etc through C# real time profiling.

Drupal Performance Monitoring Software

Monitor Drupal site and related business process and workflow, visitor and user in real-time with Germain APM a best in class business and application performance monitoring tool.

PX Analytics Tool

Prospect experience analytics system allows you to monitor and understand prospect experience (PX) to improve conversion while visiting your website.

Scheduling Software for HRM

Humanity can be used not only to schedule your staff, but to organize human resources better to increase productivity and employee job satisfaction.

Customer Experience Platform

Monitor, 24×7, in real-time, the performance of users and technologies with Germain APM, a proactive approach for end-to-end performance review and user monitoring tool.

Application Performance Monitoring Software

Germain APM software is a one stop shop for ux analytics, technology insights, business process analysis and automation in real time and 24x7. Sign Up Free!

WordPress Performance Monitoring

WordPress performance monitoring system by germain APM is the most efficient website visitor tracking tool to monitor user's behavior in real time 24x7.

Proactive Application Monitoring

Explore the best ways to implement proactive application monitoring system and add a real value on your entire business process in real-time 24x7.

APM Tool for Manufacturing Applications

Monitor apps (eCommerce, order fulfillment, part locator, claim, credit and payment processing, etc), business process/workflow and user support 24x7.

User Monitoring Tool For Data Scientists

Real-time user monitoring tool by germain APM allows data scientists to crunch any data to provide valuable insights to CX, UX, Marketing and DevOps.

Customization Review Tool

Schedule an automatic performance review of application object, scripting, db index, etc, with germain CRT (Customization Review Tool). Sign up FREE.

Automated Code Reviews

Identify critical application code/object issues before business impact and get tuning recommendations for every issues that germain CRT finds.

Siebel log levels performance monitoring

Understand what’s going on in your Siebel application while balancing the potential impact of higher log levels on performance and disk space.

Siebel Troubleshooting

Identify and correct the root-cause of siebel user disconnects using germain APM before disconnect issues affect other users.

Leverage APM software

Check how can you leverage apm software for successful application changes/updates and understand how germain APM tool can guide you through.

Performance monitoring tool for telecommunication services

Monitor telecommunication apps such as mobile, eCommerce, claim and payment processing, calls process, client and user support in real-time 24x7.

Application Performance Monitoring Plugin

With germain's APM plugin you can pre-configure to monitor/troubleshoot performance users, processes and technologies. Get in touch for more details.