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Medical and Health Article for You

Here you can find list of health and medical relevant articles.

Heat Strokes – Warning Signs And How To Deal With It

Heat stroke is a condition that is caused when the body overheats due to physical exertion or staying in higher temperatures. Heat stroke can turn serious if the body temperature soars to 40 degree Celsius or higher. Heat stroke is a common particularly in Andhra Pradesh region of India.

All You Need to Know About Open Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery is performed when the coronary arteries supplying blood to the heart are blocked and is the gold standard treatment for the same.

Swimming Can Reduce Mental Stress - An Overview | RRMCH

Today mental health is being given as much importance as physical health not only worldwide but in India too. Due to the hectic lifestyles of Indians with extensive workloads and deadlines to match, people suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety.

The Weight Loss Plan That Has Taken Maharashtra by Storm

The Diet plan of Dr. Dixit, a professor at the preventive departments of social medicine at the Government medical college and hospital believes that accepting that you are overweight and that you need a diet correction which includes shunning away tempting food and controlling diet in order to keep your diabetes at bay.

It's one of the best ophthalmology/eye hospitals in Bangalore for LASIK operations, Dr Vijay Kumar Srivastava eye specialist in bangalore

Look into the best physiotherapy colleges in bangalore, Dept of physiotherapy was estd in 2003 at RRMCH to cater to the preventive, creative, therapeutic...

RRMCH Campus New Video 2018 - Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital

Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore created a new campus full video of college, hospital, infrastructure, classroom, conferences, library, ...

Medical College Admissions 2019 - 2020 | RRMCH

MBBS Admissions 2019-20, to Top Medical Colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka. NRI & Management Quota Admissions. Direct MBBS, MS, MD Admissions for Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore

Risk of Breast Cancer in Trans Women Post Hormone Therapy Escaletes To Over 45 Times

A Study has found that trans-women undergoing the gender change procedures increase their risk of getting breast cancer by over 46% as compared to men. The study was carried out on over 2000 trans-women and it was found that after undergoing the sex change procedures 1 in 200 came under the risk scanner of breast cancer as compared to less than 8000 in men.

5 Side Effect Sleep Deprivation You Need To Know

Many a times we do care for our health and fitness but our concentration is towards nutrition and exercise mostly. What we often tend to ignore is sleep. Today lifestyle is sedentary but very hectic and stressful and sleep often takes the back seat. Furthermore, if you have addictions then sleep deprivation is going to haunt you more.

Teaching Manners To Kids – A Few Tips |

If you want your kids to be well mannered grown-ups and pass the same to their kids, then the time to teach them manners is well at grass root level only. It’s only when they are kids that you need to do the task. Be it simple manners like saying please, thank you, sorry and so on, to greeting people on meeting them, from table manners to manners around public behavior, it needs to be done so that your kids turn out to be civilized human beings when they grow up.

5 Best Mental Health Apps

With the growing number of mobile phones across the world and also in India and ever increasing use of applications, it’s no wonder if you find an app to resolve any of you problems related to house management, health management, diet management and more. Today with the hectic work schedules and high stress levels associated with work, mental health issues are also increasing day by day.