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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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The Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Food in Sri Lanka - Things you must know!

Organic food has been highly sought after in recent years as people are more concerned now about their daily nutritional intake. Organic food is available everywhere now. You can opt for organic food in restaurants, and buy them in grocery stores and supermarkets. Demand for organic food is on the rise as this type of food is grown without the use of fertilisers, herbicides and other pesticides. Organic food does not contain preservatives and other ingredients that can be rendered unhealthy. Now, let's look into why you need to start reaching out for organic food in Sri Lanka.



You see 'organic' on food items and generally assume they are more nutritious than the other types of food. Research has clearly indicated that there are certain nutritious components that are found abundantly in organic food when compared to their counterparts. Take organic tomatoes, for instance; they contain more lycopene antioxidants. With organic milk and meat, results from recent research have shown that they consist greater quantities of omega-3 fatty acids as the livestock are raised outdoors and have a rich grass feed. If you want to try the best of Sri Lankan food, there are many places offering fine dining in Colombo, in the likes of Rare at Residence.



Yes, organic food is healthier than conventional food as they are not exposed to chemicals and other heavy metals which accumulate in your body over time. This kind of build up could be quite detrimental after some time when your body cannot handle the overload of toxins. Although your body has certain mechanisms to get these toxins flushed out, there is only so much your body can handle. On the other hand, organic meat and other dairy products are healthier as they are not exposed to hormones and antibiotics. Exposure to antibiotics over a long period of time can cause antibiotic resistance whereas synthetic hormones have been linked to cancer.


Buying Organic food

Although organic food is very healthy, the price, however, is not. The price of organic food can be 2 to 10 times higher than the standard price of such items, which is dependent on both demand and certification. Pregnant women, children, older people and those who suffer from allergies, can all benefit from this type of food tremendously. As this has a direct impact on your health, it will be a good investment in the long run to eat healthy organic food. If you aren't able to, then thoroughly wash off all your food items before you cook to remove any chemicals. Or wash it with a solution of salt water.


Organic vs Natural

While browsing through the shelves in your supermarket, you'll see some foods being labelled 'natural'. So what's the difference between the two? To start off, they aren't the same and refers to two different categories of food. Organic refers to food products that are thoroughly regulated whereas 'natural' does not have any of these guarantees.