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5 Places that you should visit in Beruwela – A mix of cultures infused with nature

Beruwala is a small town in the Southwest coast of Sri Lanka which is known to be the port which allowed the Arabs to come to the island for trading. The town is also known to be the first Muslim settlement. Apart from the cultural and historical importance, the city is also popular for the beautiful beaches and golden sands. If you are visiting Beruwela here are 5 places that you should visit while in the vicinity.


Beruwela Beach

The Beruwala Beach is all about sun, sand and the sparkling blue waters that spread itself far and wide. Beruwela beach is the perfect start for the vacation to soak up the sun and the soothing lull of the waves breaking at the beach. Including Beruwela in your itinerary is an easy task because it is contained within in a lot of hotel offers in Sri Lanka. While lounging at the beach you can also sign-up for a spa treatment as Beruwela as it is well known for Ayurveda Spas. Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara has traditionally practised Ayurveda spa treatments that are guaranteed to relax you and prepare you for an adventurous stay in Beruwela.


Barberyn Island Lighthouse

There are four international lighthouses on the island and the Barberyn Lighthouse is one of them. It attracts a lot of tourists and locals equally and is located a short distance away from the Beruwela town. Surrounded by several buildings that were built in the colonial era the area also gives insight to some details about history and architecture. The Barberyn lighthouse is also known as the 'Beruwela Lighthouse'.


Boat Safari

A boat safari in the Bentota Lagoon is a must include activity for any nature lovers who would like to see nature in its true form and glory. It is a very enjoyable family activity and you get to have a calm and serene trip along the Bentota River which is outlined by many different types of trees and bushes where many different kinds of birds, butterflies and dragonflies call it their home.


Brief Garden

This beautifully landscaped garden and the house used to be home to one of the well-renowned architectures produced by Sri Lanka; Bevis Bawa. Set a little away from Beruwela town, the brother, Geoffrey Bawa's landscaping and architecture design can be witnessed at the Kalavila village in Beruwela. Many foreigners and locals alike are attracted to this location to witness the unique thought process behind what most call 'a slice of heaven'.


Richmond Castle

Located in a neighbouring town the Richmond Castle is known to have been built more than a century ago. It is one of the most splendid architectural structures that have been handed over from that era of time. The castle is built on a 42-acre estate which used to be owned by the 'Mudaliyar' the head of the Kalutara district in the 1900's. The Public Trustee Department is undertaking all the maintenance and they also run a children's home within the premises. The castle is now open to the public and is a great sight-seeing location for foreigners.