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Headline for 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tunisia - Bits of the world in a bitesize.
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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tunisia - Bits of the world in a bitesize.

Tunisia is a country with bits of other countries. You can find hints of Roman, Arabic, Greek culture in here. This is a list of the ten places you should visit on your next trip to Tunisia.


El Djem Amphitheatre

This is an ancient amphitheatre built by Romans. The El Djam Amphitheatre closely resembles the Colosseum. This is an iconic building which showcases the ancient Roman architecture. You can enter the interior of the amphitheatre and wander among the passageways as the ancient gladiators did. and The El Djam is a very popular tourist destination and a must-visit for anyone travelling to Tunisia.



This is an island with picture-perfect beaches. With fine white sands and palm trees lined up, the beach of Djerba is the perfect place to relax and catch a tan. Apart from the beaches, there is the quaint sea town of Houmt Souk. Here, you will find shops selling handicrafts made by local artisans, street food stalls and more shopping opportunities.



This was the ancient trading centre of Tunisia. This is a historically important place because of the Punic Wars. Carthage is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. The ruins in here is a reminder that even the most powerful cities can be destroyed and be reduced to nothing but rubble. If you're interested in history or war, this is a place you must visit. Tip- exploring Carthage could take more than a day but don't you worry. Many luxury Tunisia resorts the likes of The Residence Tunis by Cenizaro can be found here.


The National Bardo Museum

This is one of the best and most beautiful museums in North Africa. Even if you are not a fan of museums you can't help but fall in love with the Bardo museum. The ancient relics from the Byzantine and Roman eras are breathtaking. An impressive moisac collection is housed in the museum. This iconic building is located in the capital of Tunisia.


Sidi Bou Said

This is a charming village in Tunisia that slightly resembles Santorini of Greece. The buildings have a peculiar shape and they are whitewashed that makes the whole village gleam. The bright white houses with electric blue doors with the Medittareian sea as a backdrop is very photogenic. Sidi Bou is the best place to spend a lazy afternoon.


Grand Erge Oriental

The Sahara Desert covers most of Tunisia. The most picturesque spot of the desert is called the Grand Erge Oriental. This is a collection of pristine sand dunes with beautiful landscapes. There are three things you can do at Grand Erge Oriental. One, you can ride a dune buggy across the dunes. Two, hop on a camel and go camel trekking. The last option is to sit back on a sand mountain and watch the sunset over the desert.


Bulla Regia

As you have figured out already, Tunisia is a haven for all history buffs. However, Bulla Regia is one historically significant place that triumphs all other. While the Romans has invaded the country they couldn't cope up with the harsh sun. As a result, they built their houses underground. Because of that, these houses are well preserved, and you can even go for a full tour inside these villas.



This is a part of Tunisia that is influenced by Arabic architecture. There are many Arabic tombs, mosques, and madrassas in this ancient town. The skyline of Kairouan boasts of bulky domes and skinny minarets. The streets in the town are almost like a maze and they are lined with brightly coloured houses. This quaint city is one of the best places to visit in Tunisia.


Sousse Medina

This is another ancient town that is filled with lovely whitewashed buildings and quaint shops with leatherwork, metalwork, and ceramics on display. This is one of the best places to witness the local life of Tunisia.


Chott El Djerid

This is a large salt lake in the southern corner of Tunisia. Chott El Djarid has a moonscape surrounding which gives it an otherworldly look. The lake is filled with mirages and the land is cracked, resembling a jigsaw puzzle. This is a unique landscape and definitely a must-visit.