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Headline for My Favourite Blog Posts of Week 49, 2012
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My Favourite Blog Posts of Week 49, 2012

I read a lot of blogs - most of them I find through Social Media and I like to share those that I like.
I also know that a growing number of you are looking to me to suggest valuable blog posts about Social Media and other digital tools.
That's why I decided to publish a list of my favourite blog posts.
This list will be published on Saturday, December 8th at

Face It! Social Media is not about YOU!Tweet4Ok

We get so wrapped up in Social Media strategy, how to beat Edgerank, how to get our message across and ROI, that we forget what makes Social Media work.

Do the Work. Social Media is Work. | via @nickkellet

Mastery takes work. There is no denying. Begin your journey. Put your people & your content crafting & your storytelling skills to work. No more talk.

The Social Media Marketing Honeymoon Is Over | Social Media Today

Social media marketing has failed business.

Save Social: Walk The Talk

Many of us have been following along, reading the rash of articles being published and shared, all dealing with how to best "do" social. One of these articles, an op-ed piece on Mashable, got a lot of shares across the social media sphere this morning. The author compares the unknown, hopefully

Looking for a Job As a Social Business Professional?

Trying to break into social as a career? Looking to make a transition from your existing role to one that looks more like a social or community professional gig? Here are a few tips from the trenches. 1. Read the job description. In reality, “Social” in the title means Read more »

Top 5 Facebook Best Practices for Small Businesses | MyBeak Social Media

Being successful with your Facebook strategy is part art, part science.

Creating Content That Doesn't Suck

Creating content that doesn’t suck take something deceptively simple. It takes not settling for mediocrity. No Matter What.

3 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement | Social Media Examiner

Boost your brand's profile on Facebook: Learn creative ways to use crowdsourcing techniques to increase engagement on Facebook.

The Growing Impact of Social Media #infographic

The Growing Impact of Social Media #infographic Social media are social software which mediate human

Fanciest Author Box Review: An Effective Author Bio for Your Blog

In the modern age, we are presented with an astonishing amount of content on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if we're browsing through chan[..]