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12 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Bintan – For a holiday full if amazing memories

Bintan is an island full of things to explore and adventures to enjoy. It is the ideal destination for a fantastic holiday, try these activities to enjoy every aspect of it!



This is a favourite seaside vacation activity for those who wish to explore the wonders of the world below the waters, and Bintan is the ideal place for it. The clear blue waters are so tempting an comfortable that you may want to spend all your time in the ocean.


Ride a Sea Plane

The views are amazing when you're on land, but they are even more breath taking when you have a bird's eye view. A sea plane ride can be terrifying, but relaxing at the same time, it's the ideal activity for thrill seekers and those who want to challenge their fears.



What better way to spend your vacation than racing in a go-kart or an ATV. Make sure to take all safety precautions before your ride, but enjoy this exciting activity to the fullest.


Banana Boating

This is a fun an easy activity to enjoy when you spend time in the water, you sit on an inflated boat that resembles a banana, while it is dragged along by a speed boat. Check if you have these activities available at your Bintan beach resort hotel.



Row yourself out on to the waters on a kayak, challenge your balance and your strength, but be prepared to fall in a few times till you have the skill mastered. Kayaking is always a lot of fun.


Take a Mangrove Tour

This is a great way to get close to nature, cruise along the river through the rich mangroves and spot the wildlife that lives within. There are many, such as The Residence Bintan by Cenizaro that provide these tours.


Visit the Sea Gypsies

Discover the lives of this traditional nomadic community, what has for generations spent their entire lives by the sea. Their customs and lifestyle is interesting, so this is the ideal site to visit if you are interested in experiencing different cultures.


Visit Senggarang Village

This is another place to visit to experience the traditions of an age old community, at this village you will find a rich Chinese heritage and culture. you will beautiful works of art, interesting buildings, and homes built on stilts here.



High speeds and the waves combine to give you the coolest water adventure that you can have. Almost like a water motorbike, this will have your adrenaline pumping and leave you with amazing memories.


Visit a turtle hatchery

During certain parts of the year many turtles settle in beaches around the island to lay their eggs, and when they hatch the hundreds of hatchlings will run to the ocean. While this is a fantastic site, remember that most turtles are endangered and be careful not to harm them.


Climb Gunung Bintan

Reach the highest point of the island when you climb this mountain. The climb isn't too challenging, but it is definitely rewarding for the beautiful natural sites you will see along the way. This includes a waterfall, and a pool at its base that will invite you to take a dip in.


Lounge in the Pool

What better way to spend your vacation than relaxing in the pool with a drink and a good book. Some hotels will offer scenic infinity pool, which will have you feeling like you're in heaven.