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Why Do I Need A Family Court Lawyer in Oklahoma City?

A family court lawyer will be able to help settle the case. No matter the nature of the case, it is difficult to represent oneself in a family law case. Depending on your family dynamics, hiring a family court lawyer might be a great idea.


How Joint Legal Custody Could be the Right Solution for You and Your Child

Divorce can be an extremely difficult time for any individual. Joint legal custody in Oklahoma City may be a great option for you and your child. It certainly is beneficial to your child or children and will help to instill in them positive character traits, like conflict resolution.

Best way to Get an Uncontested Divorce if You Live in Oklahoma City

An uncontested divorce is defined as a divorce where both spouses agree on all key issues pertaining to the divorce. These key issues can include child custody, how to split properties, how to divide your money, child and spouse support and who will pay it, and how to split any debts incurred during the marriage.

Understanding the Difference Between Marital and Separate Property

Separate property refers to assets you acquired before marriage or after the divorce, meaning you own them independently of your spouse. It can also include property you received as a gift, or as part of an inheritance, during marriage. Besides those exceptions, most of the property you obtain during marriage is considered marital property.

Tips To Win Your Child Custody Case In Oklahoma City

An uncontested divorce is going to be the best option for you, for your spouse, and for your child or children. There are some circumstances where this is not an option. If your spouse is violent, then there should be no negotiating. You cannot leave your children with a violent person and you must do everything in your power to keep your kids safe, no matter the cost.

False Claims Create Problems

One of the most difficult things to deal with as attorneys who handle family law matters is when a child is abused by one or both parents. False allegations of child abuse are not tolerated by the court, and they have the authority to penalize parents for making false allegations.

More Parents Are Considering Joint Custody As An Option

Joint custody is a great way to help ensure both parents remain involved in their child’s life after divorce. However, joint custody is not effective unless both parents are committed to working together for the advantage of their child.

What Types Of Family Law Cases Typically Go To Trial in Oklahoma City?

Family law is one of those legal branches that often sees its parties resolving disputes outside of the courtroom but sometimes not. There are many legal cases and circumstances that must be resolved in a court of law. Hiring a family court lawyer from Oklahoma City is the best way to swing the case in your favor if it comes to a courtroom proceeding.

How To Prepare For Divorce Mediation In Oklahoma City

Legal mediation is one of these options that are available to people who are seeking to have their cases solved in an inexpensive and timely manner, especially when it comes down to disputes during a divorce. Divorce mediation in Oklahoma City is a convenient legal process that many people turn to but in order to be completely effective, one must be prepared.