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Top Sales Books via @YouBrandInc

We firmly believe that everybody is in sales. Be that sales in your business, your product, or selling your significant other to go see that movie this weekend. It all comes down to how you sell your idea. The books below are the top sales books we've found immensely helpful in learning the fine art of sales. This is also one of those best sales books list that is tough to order because so many of these books have unique takes and methods that when combined ensure you become a sales machine.

Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology: Anneke Seley, Brent Holloway

Sales 2.0 explores the emerging Sales 2.0 phenomenon, how it is characterized, why it is imperative for a company’s long-term success, and how anyone can get started with this new approach to generating revenue. Driven by an explosion of online products and changing customer buying preferences, Sales 2.0 is the marriage of Web 2.0 technologies with innovative sales processes. The book shows readers how to redeploy their sales teams for greater bottom-line results and reveals all the differences between Sales 2.0 and traditional selling. Through real world case studies, readers will learn how industry leaders achieved phenomenal results and a competitive advantage. Applicable to sales teams in any industry, Sales 2.0 presents the future of sales today.

Secrets of Question Based Selling: How the Most Powerful Tool in Business Can Double Your Sales Results

Question Based Selling ( QBS®) is a commonsense approach to sales, based on the theory that "what" salespeople ask-and "how" they ask-is more important than anything they will ever say. This technique makes sense because in order to present solutions, you first must learn your customer's needs. How do you uncover a prospect's needs? By asking questions. But not just any questions. You must ask the right questions at the right time. And this book provides a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program that does just that.

The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock-Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!: Warren Greshes

There are an endless number of sales books that purport to let the reader in on the secrets of great selling. And many of them even have useful ideas and tips. But it doesn't matter how many tricks a salesperson has at hand if he or she doesn't have the one most important weapon in any salesperson's arsenal: the motivation to get out there and sell! Rhetorical tricks and clever devices, even if they're occasionally effective, don't make great salespeople; hard-working, self-motivated, optimistic people do. The cold, hard truth is that there really isn't any great big secret to sales success. There's only the simple truth: motivated, positive, goal-oriented people are usually the ones who sell the most.

The New Strategic Selling: The Unique Sales System Proven Successful by the World's Best Companies: Tad Tuleja

The Book That Sparked A Selling Revolution In 1985 one book changed sales and marketing forever. Rejecting manipulative tactics and emphasizing "process," Strategic Selling presented the idea of selling as a joint venture and introduced the decade's most influential concept, Win-Win. The response to Win-Win was immediate and helped turn the small company that created Strategic Selling, Miller Heiman, into a global leader in sales development with the most prestigious client list in the industry. The New Strategic Selling This modern edition of the business classic confronts the rapidly evolving world of business-to-business sales with new real-world examples, new strategies for confronting competition, and a special section featuring the most commonly asked questions from the Miller Heiman workshops. Learn: * How to identify the four real decision makers in every corporate labyrinth * How to prevent sabotage by an internal deal-killer * How to make a senior executive eager to see you * How to avoid closing business that you'll later regret * How to manage a territory to provide steady, not "boom and bust," revenue * How to avoid the single most common error when dealing with the competition.

Selling to Zebras: How to Close 90% of the Business You Pursue Faster, More Easily, and More Profitably

Even the most competitive companies only close about 15 percent of the deals in their sales pipelines. That means that salespeople spend time with prospects who, 85 percent of the time, aren't going to buy. Wouldn't those salespeople rather spend more time pursuing prospects they knew they could close? Or spend time with their prospects where it matters most at an executive level? Readers who are ready for exceptional results for themselves and their companies need Selling to Zebras.

SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Customers : Jill Konrath

Internationally recognized sales strategist Jill Konrath shows how to overcome customer hesitation to get more appointments, speed up decisions, and win sales. Drawing on her years of selling experience, as well as the stories of other successful sellers, she offers four SNAP rules:

Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness: Jeffrey Gitomer

Salespeople hate to read. That's why Little Red Book of Selling is short, sweet, and to the point. It's packed with answers that people are searching for in order to help them make sales for the moment—and the rest of their lives.

Selling to the C-Suite: What Every Executive Wants You to Know About Successfully Selling to the Top

It’s the goal of every salesperson: getting access to senior client executives—the C-Level decision makers responsible for approving top-dollar deals. Selling to the C-Suite is the first book that reveals how to land those career-making sales in the words of CEOs themselves!

The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea: Bob Burg, John David Mann

The Go-Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who yearns for success. Joe is a true go-getter, though sometimes he feels as if the harder and faster he works, the further away his goals seem to be. And so one day, desperate to land a key sale at the end of a bad quarter, he seeks advice from the enigmatic Pindar, a legendary consultant referred to by his many devotees simply as the Chairman. Over the next week, Pindar introduces Joe to a series of “go-givers:” a restaurateur, a CEO, a financial adviser, a real estate broker, and the “Connector,” who brought them all together. Pindar’s friends share with Joe the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and teach him how to open himself up to the power of giving.

Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive: Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate, and Outnegotiate Your Competition

This straight-from-the-hip handbook by bestselling author and self-made millionaire Harvey Mackay spells out the path to success for readers everywhere. They will learn how to: Outsell by getting appointments with people who absolutely, positively do not want to see you, and then making them glad they said "yes!"

The Greatest Salesman in the World: Og Mandino

What you are today is not important... for in this runaway bestseller you will learn how to change your life by applying the secrets you are about to discover in the ancient scrolls.

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale: Boost the Quality and Quantity of Leads to Increase Your ROI

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale arms you with a sophisticated multimodal approach to generating highly profitable leads. Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch Incorporated and expert in lead generation solutions, reveals key strategies that you can implement immediately to win new customers, accelerate growth, and improve your sales performance. You'll start by defining your ideal leads and targeting your ideal customer. Then, you'll construct your lead generation plan, a crucial step to staying ahead of your competition long-term. To help you put your plan into action, Carroll guides you step by step to:

Selling to VITO the Very Important Top Officer: Get to the Top. Get to the Point. Get to the Sale.: Anthony Parinello

There has never been a sales book that gives you one-on-one, personal help to catapult your sales career and your personal income to a level that will surprise you and shock your sales manager!

OutSell Yourself: Go from HELLO to SOLD with Ethical Business and Sales Techniques!: Kelly McCormick

Whether you are selling products, services, or ideas this book is for you. OutSell Yourself(r) takes your sales conversation to a new level. Kelly McCormick shows you how to Go from Hello to Sold(tm) with clear-cut, career-revitalizing changes to how you think about selling. Her approach to personalizing the sales process will improve your skills and boost your confidence. Regardless of the economy, now you can connect with customers like never before, keep it real, and increase your sales. You'll discover how to: * Stay on the high ground and take the sleaze out of selling * Personalize your conversation within seconds * Use a gender-specific sales approach with women and with men * Discuss your prices and fees without feeling nauseated * Put together quotes and proposals * Stand back as customers, clients, and companies ask to buy your products or services

The Accidental Salesperson: How to Take Control of Your Sales Career and Earn the Respect and Income You Deserve

"Author Chris Lytle had modest career aspirations. He merely wanted to be the next Walter Cronkite. But instead of being offered a job in the newsroom, he was offered a job in the sales department. He took the sales job and became an "accidental salesperson." Most people don't choose sales as a career. Sales chooses them - and they end up wondering how to make the most of a profession they were never prepared for. They don't have to wonder anymore". "In "The Accidental Salesperson", Lytle gives readers a road map that anyone can use to excel in sales. Lively and entertaining, this somewhat unorthodox guide is packed with thought-provoking axioms, humorous and instructive anecdotes, specific strategies, and powerful tools - everything readers need to master essential lessons in sales and professionalism. Readers will find there are some things "The Accidental Salesperson" lacks - dull theories, manipulative methods, and high-pressure tactics. But with the wealth of money - generating, career-building techniques it does provide, we don't think those items will be missed".

The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, Revised Edition: Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Bible was listed as one of "The Ten Books Every Salesperson Should Own and Read" by the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Program. Now completely revised, this book is available for the first time in paperback. The Sales Bible has helped tens of thousands of salespeople all over the world reach their potential and close the big deal. Gitomer gives sales professionals the right answers to the toughest questions:

Slow Down, Sell Faster!: Understand Your Customer's Buying Process and Maximize Your Sales

The biggest mistake you're making in your sales career right now is equating a faster pitch with a faster close. Believe it or not, you will actually experience greater success if you slow down. Slow Down, Sell Faster! shows you how to stop jumping the gun and work with your customers to identify and quantify their real needs, so by the time you begin your pitch in earnest, you're already halfway home. Featuring a simple yet power ful eightstep process and practical, repeatable techniques, Slow Down, Sell Faster! is packed with examples from the author's extensive experience, plus research on customer buying processes rather than traditional selling processes. This buyer-focused approach to selling extends to proposals and presentations, loyalty and retention, and, of course, cultivating more business. Each step in the book corresponds to a role you should adopt to meet a customer's needs at each stage of the buying process. There are two sides to every sale. In today's extra challenging business climate, understanding the buying process is where professional selling should start.

The 7 Triggers to Yes: The New Science Behind Influencing People's Decisions: Russell Granger

Everybody knows that the best way to persuade people to reach the “Yes” response is by using logic and reason, right? Wrong. According to the latest research in neuroscience, most people respond to emotional cues rather than rational ones. Instead of using facts and figures to persuade, you should be tapping into the brain’s internal triggers for making decisions. With the new technology of realtime brain imaging, scientists have been able to pinpoint seven of these emotional triggers.

The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies: Chet Holmes

Chet Holmes helps his clients blow away both the competition and their own expectations. And his advice starts with one simple concept: focus! Instead of trying to master four thousand strategies to improve your business, zero in on the few essential skill areas that make the big difference. The Ultimate Sales Machine shows you how to tune up and soup up virtually every part of your business by spending just an hour per week on each impact area you want to improve?sales, marketing, management, and more.

Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers: Craig Elias, Tibor Shanto

Th ere is a silver bullet in sales - when you get to highly motivated decision makers at EXACTL Y the right time: after they experience a 'Trigger Event' BUT (or AN D) before they call your competition. When you have the right timing the sale almost happens by itself- There are few challenges getting to the prospect, understanding their dissatisfaction, presenting a solution, or closing the sale. By luck or sheer numbers you've had timing happen before, "... simple but profound truths that will help you leverage intent for immediate action and cut down the selling cycle, while creating lasting bonds with customers."

Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High!: Jeff Thull

In today's turbulent and volatile marketplace, even the most experienced professionals are struggling with the rapid commoditization of their complex, high-value solutions. The complexity of the problems to be solved and the competitive threats we face are increasing at an alarming rate. At the same time, your customers are wrestling with mission-critical decisions and evaluating solutions that all sound the same and come packaged with a high degree of risk and a low probability of success. Your success demands an exceptional strategy and precise execution that must clearly set you apart from your competition.

Close Like the Pros: Steve Marx

The time pressures today on salespeople and clients are out of control. Sellers react in two ways that undermine their effectiveness. In a misguided effort to save their prospects' time, salespeople take on more of the work, shoulder more of the burden themselves. And they turn proposals around with lightning speed, delivering the complete package on the second call. That's handoff selling. The salesperson does all of her work first, hands off the proposal to the prospect as if it were a baton in a relay race, and then the prospect begins his work, the detailed consideration of this and other proposals.

The Funnel Principle: What Every Salesperson Must Know About Selling: Mark Sellers

Selected by Selling Power Magazine as one of the 10 Best Books to Read in 2010! For years, sales executives have viewed the sales funnel, a.k.a. the pipeline, as a tool that salespeople might use to keep track of accounts and opportunities. That is, something nice to have but not necessary to run the business. In companies where the funnel does get some attention, standardization is weak or nonexistent. Further, the 'traditional' funnel design that is used by most organizations is flawed and can do more harm than good. In The Funnel Principle: What Every Salesperson Must Know About Selling, author Mark Sellers sets a new standard for the sales funnel with an innovative BuyCycle Funnel design and 8-Step Process for complete funnel management. He shows salespeople how the funnel as a business tool has been undervalued and misused. With the right approach and persistent commitment, the funnel has great potential to help salespeople and sales leaders achieve the one true measure by which they are judged - hitting quota.

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling: Frank Bettger

A business classic, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling is for anyone whose job it is to sell. Whether you are selling houses or mutual funds, advertisements or ideas -- or anything else -- this book is for you. When Frank Bettger was twenty-nine he was a failed insurance salesman. By the time he was forty he owned a country estate and could have retired. What are the selling secrets that turned Bettger's life around from defeat to unparalleled success and fame as one of the highest paid salesmen in America?

Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle

The new edition of the bestselling business development guide. Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition reveals why self-promotion is a critical factor to success, giving you a unique perspective that makes this guide much more than an ordinary "how to" manual for getting more clients and raising a business profile.