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Elim A Dent LLC

Elim A Dent Tools manufactures the highest quality Paint less Dent Removal and Repair PDR Tools available to the industry. Elim A Dent LLC is a locally owned and operated family business in the PDR industry for over 18 years.
Elimadent provides PDR tools, Ultra Dent tools lighting, PDR LED light, Batteries and Chargers (Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee), Hand tools, PDR Glue, Glue guns, Glue tab, Slide hammers, Carts, Stands, Suction cups etc. Visit for more details.

Surebonder A69PRO2-185C Cordless Optimal Temperature Glue Gun - Elimadent

Shop our Surebonder A69PRO2-185C Cordless Glue Gun! Ryobi 18v Batteries, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee compatible. Pro-grade product. Minimal drip. Optimal temperature range - 185C.

36" Ultra Vision A1BE3-S3 Extruded 12v Led Portable Stainless Steel Shop PDR Light - Elimadent

Shop 36'’ Ultra vision extruded 12v LED Portable Stainless Steel Shop Light. Has 3 ft. boom pole, V shields, locking wheels, 3 LED strips, 1-warm white, 2-bright white & 2 on/off switches. Packed in diecast cut foam w/ sturdy reusable box.

Ultra Dent Tools A111 Hail Rod Hanger w/ S-Hook (PATENT Pending) - Elimadent

Add Ultra Dent Tools' A111 Hail Rod Hanger with S-Hook to your customized or standard PDR tool kit. Incredible durability and strength. Patent Pending. Shop now!

TDN Tools Large TDN Travel PDR Tool Cart - 51" X 19 1/2" X 12" - Elimadent

Shop TDN Tools' Large Travel PDR tool cart. Safe & customizable for all PDR tools. Comes in Yellow & Black foam insert. 51" X 19 1/2" X 12", w/ 2 tool brackets; accommodates upto 6 brackets. Shop now!

PullDog Slide Hammer (Adjustable Pull) | Plug Slide Hammer - Elimadent

Pro-grade PullDog Slide Hammer is the best ever slide hammer in the PDR tools market. Adjustable tension spring. Worldwide shipping avl. Shop at Elim A Dent right now!

PDR Hand Tools Set by Ultra Dent & Don Gray (11 pcs.) - Elimadent

Best hand tools set for PDR technicians made by Ultra Dent Tools and Don Gray. Includes 6 blades/5 handles. Shop top quality PDR tools at Elim A Dent. Brand Warranty. True value for money.

Pro PDR Tool Kit | Ultra Dent Set #20 Advanced Body Tech Package - Elimadent

Includes entire SET #19 plus more tools & accessories, 3 Instructional DVDs. Starter PDR toolkit for dent repair jobs. 60-day money back guarantee. Worldwide shipping.

Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod | Top Quality Hand Tools - Elimadent

Shop Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod perfect for the traveling tech who needs to keep luggage light. Work in minimal space w/o any issues. Best-in-class hail rod! Shop your PDR tools on Elimadent. 60-day return policy. Global Shipping.

Keco Rectangle Blending Tip | Best PDR Accessories & Parts - Elimadent

Shop Keco Blending Tip on Elimadent with 100% customer satisfaction. This PDR tool is perfect for knocking down large dents on vehicles & hail damage repair. Includes reusable cover.

Elim A Dent 14" 6 Strip Adjustable Fade Auto Cup (Makita) Ver-3 - Elimadent

Looking for Elim A Dent 14" 6 Strip Adjustable Fade Auto Cup (Makita) Ver-3? Shop top-quality PDR tools on PDR techs favorite Brand Warranty. True value for money. 100% customer satisfaction

20" 6 Strip Adjustable Fade Auto Cup (Makita) Ver-3 - Elimadent

V-2 6 Strip 20v PDR L.E.D.cordless 14inch light board. (3 warm white - 2 outer and 1 center, 3 cool white - 2 outer 1 center) * Setup as warm white perfectly centered and cool white off centered. Can change upon request. This board is powered by Dewalt 20v lithium ion batteries or off-brand replacements. The board can be rotated and twisted 360 degrees. Comes with 6 L.E.D. strips, 1 warm center 2 warm outer and 1 cool center 2 cool outer. (Cool strips are off centered from warm white unless otherwise specified) 3 switches on base control strips. Each switch has 2 on positions and 1 off. Each on position controls 1 strip of L.E.D. Batteries charge in 15-40 min and last for 4 to 10 +hours depending on how many strips you power and what size battery your using. *Custom cool/warm white configurations available upon request *Batteries And Charger Sold Separate! *Dimmer Not Included Must Be Added At Checkout   DETAILS New Spinal-Cord Setup Choose to replace the loc line with Elim A Dents Patent Pending Spinal Cord setup. These new revolutionary fittings allow you to extend and shorten your cord length without taking the entire assemble apart. Better than that each link has a bolt and nut inside a plastic housing that allows you to set the tension of each link. Ounce Spinal Cord fittings are connected they cannot pop apart without loosening the tension screws. If you prefer that loose broke in feel loosen the screws, if you like to keep that tight like new feeling tighten the screws.  If you would like to have part of the links loose so you can maneuver and spin the board freely but have another section tight to support the board’s weight well you can do that also. LOC LINE SETUP (Original) Choose your loc line setup at checkout when adding light board to cart. Standard setup is 12 loc line links with elbow. You can also choose to add 15 links with elbow or 15 links with no elbow. The longer the loc line the looser the board will be. When removing the elbow you need 15 links to retain comparable maneuverability. Elbow allows for tighter positioning and more stability when working side panel’s especially horizontal board placement. You will need to position elbow in correct orientation to get the best use from it. No elbow is preferred by some, mainly technicians who only work top panels. When removing the elbow we increase the loc line length from 12 to 15 to retain some of the mobility lost from the removal of the elbow. Item# V-2-D6-WC-WC-WC-14 >20v powered by Dewalt lithium ion batteries or off-brand replacements. >Allows you to use existing Dewalt chargers and batteries to eliminate carrying multiple different batteries and chargers.ery release for swapping out dead batteries > Completely cordless no exposed wires. > Versatile 360 degrees of movement with no worries of cord tangles. > Quick disconnects to easily replace wearable parts like the loc line assembly. > Up to 7 20v strips with a variety of warm/cool color combination. > 3 independent switches on base so they don't get switched by accident when adjusting board and also allow for various led strip combinations. >Matched acrylic face plate for the perfect fade. Acrylic is secured into place so it won’t slide or fall out. >Built in suction cup with replaceable plunger and pad which saves cost on repairs by only needing to purchase parts instead of entire assembly. Now works with Woods and Ram Twist Cups >Optional Low profile dimmer on base side to control brightness of L.E.D. DEWALT® is a registered trademark property of Black & Decker® Corporation which is not affiliated with Elim A Dent LLC.    Makita®, LXT®, AVT® and the Makita logo, Teal color and Black & White color combination are the registered trademarks of Makita which is not affiliated with Elim A Dent LLC. 

Elim A Dent Claw Suction Cup Mount | PDR Heat Gun Holder - Elimadent

Shop the Claw Suction Cup Mount (PDR heat gun holder) while working on heavy dents to maneuver to the correct angle. Elim A Dent offers top quality PDR tools. Brand Warranty. True value for money.

Best Cordless Tools | Elim A Dent Cordless Glue Gun Powered By Makita - Elimadent

Our cordless hot glue gun outperforms any other PDR glue gun in the industry. 100% Customer Success. Fastest heating w/o drip. Great battery life. Must-have for every PDR Tech! Shop now!

Pro PDR Hood Stand | Ultra's A14S Stainless Scissor Hood & Trunk Rack - Elimadent

Shop Ultradenttool's portable, adjustable Stainless Scissor PDR hood stand & trunk rack. Perfect for hail damaged hoods & trunk lids. 100% aluminum. Foldable, compact storage.

PDR Shade Umbrella | Ultradent 62" Fiberglass Umbrella W/ Ball Mount - Elimadent

Shop the 62" Black Fiberglass PDR Shade Umbrella with Pivot Ball Mount on Elimadent. Protects from heavy rains & powerful gusts of wind. Adjustable tension. Brand Warranty.


651 US-183, Leander, TX 78641, USA

651 US-183, Leander, TX 78641, USA

Elim A Dent provides affordable and Pro grade Paintless Dent Removal and Repair Tools, Ultradent tool lighting and PDR LED lights.
The company was formed 18+ years ago by James Lee, an expert in the PDR world and a man passionate about integrating technology with quality. Right from the early days, when James spent three years perfecting his first PDR tool, Elim A Dent has stood for dependability, creativity, integrity, and sheer grit. The company has withstood the test of time in an ever-changing marketplace.

Elim A Dent’s tools are made in the USA and use components sourced from great industrial manufacturers like Loc-line, Makita and Milwaukee. The tools are sturdy, consumer grade and user-friendly.
The tools are available for purchase through authoritative distribution partners in the PDR industry across the globe. The company also boasts superior customer experience and after sale services.
Elim A Dent is well known for its focus on integrating technology into their offering. Their single design system ensures that any tools from the Elim A Dent family can be upgraded with the best and most up to date fittings instead of being replaced for a costlier version.
This brand is a regular and celebrated feature of Expos across the world. The Elim A Dent light launched at the Mobile Tech Expo of 2014 put the company in the spotlight as a brand that works to fulfill the needs of PDR enthusiasts in the USA and overseas. They currently ship their products to more than 50 countries outside the United States.
Elim A Dent is a family business that focusses its energy on great teamwork and consistent innovation while being able to keep products practical and affordable. The operations are constantly expanding to fit the needs of customers everywhere with their unparalleled service standards and tools.