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MB Spine Center

Physiotherapist | Our Services | CA | MB Spine Center

We’re known for all effective approaches to physiotherapy for each patient due to back pain, neck pain, knee pain, headaches, etc.

Don’t Stay Dependent on Large Doses of Painkillers

The therapy that is being performed by our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California includes the gentle stretching of the spine and relieving tension from the discs, joints, and muscular tissues while improving the body's natural healing process. Depending on the kind of injury that you have, we have customized plans to treat it. You will never have to become dependent on your large doses of narcotic painkillers anymore.

Let Us Get You Back in Good Shape

You can allow our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California to help you get your life and dignity back. We do not only treat your pain, but we also help strengthen your body so that you can continue to enjoy the activities that you love. You do not have to live in a wheelchair for long.

If you want to go through our DTS decompression therapy, let us know, and we will do everything we can to get you back in shape!

Chiropractic Specialist | Physiotherapist

Our mission is combining the very best hands-on technique and state of art physiotherapy procedures to help you achieve your wellness objectives. It does not matter what conditions you may have. The key is to identify what has gone wrong with your physiology and correct it.

Car Accidents Can Also Cause Wrist Injuries

A wrist injury usually happens during motor vehicle collisions. However, there are cases where a car accident can damage your wrists as per our auto accident chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California.

Do Not Leave Your Whiplash Injury Untreated

MB Spine Center strives to help treat people with injuries, especially injuries rooted in car accidents and other traumatic incidents. Our process is non-surgical, but we have many clients who have recovered quickly through our therapies, even those who have spine injuries.

Chiropractic Treatment | Chiropractic Care | California

Chiropractic Care is a natural method in health care that utilize spinal adjustments to restore dysfunctional joints in your spine and restore proper function to the nervous system.

Most people chose this as a form of complementary/alternative health care for acute and chronic conditions. Chiropractic Care doesn’t use drugs or surgery as a tool to achieve homeostasis (balance). Rather, a chiropractor understands that to achieve homeostasis, the framework must be addressed by applying precise force to specific parts of the spinal segments known as an adjustment to the spine.

Laughter Is Not the Best Medicine for Broken Ribs

While you are recovering from broken ribs at home, you can alleviate your pain by putting an ice pack on the injured area as per our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California. You can also take pain relievers like ibuprofen. If you need something stronger, you can request your doctor to prescribe something for you.

Treat Your Knee Injury with Care

Yes, we do have therapies for knee injuries. If you want to know more about our DTS decompression therapy, you can contact us for a private appointment.

For other injuries such as your spine, we can get you acquainted with our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California.

Follow These Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California encourages drivers to change their bad driving habits so that they can avoid road collisions or worse. As a driver, it is your responsibility to drive carefully to prevent any accidents. Whether or not you have dozens of insurance companies to back you up, you need to observe road safety.

Is There Really a Slow Motion in Car Accidents?

As per our physiotherapist in California, many people who are victims of a car accident speak of the dreadful incident happening in slow motion. You may have heard actual stories of it as well. The idea of 'slow motion' may seem absurd because you often see it happening only in the movies.

Vertigo in Drivers: Seek Treatment and No Driving!

Balance disturbances like dizziness and vertigo can be tough to live with and may sometimes cause car accidents in drivers. Issues with the inner ear usually cause this loss of balance. Many people, especially those who drive, seek help from their physiotherapist in California to get treatment to avoid accidents

Do Not Drink and Drive—No Excuses!

It is one of the most fundament rules of driving: do not drink and drive. Many drivers understand this rule and they know it by heart. However, some of them do not necessarily follow it, thinking they can manage to drive under the influence of alcohol without a problem.

Texting While Driving: Know the Dangers It Poses

One of the most dangerous habits of getting distracted while driving is texting. When you send a text or read someone else's message using your mobile phone, you take your eyes off the road for a few seconds. The few seconds that we're talking about is more than enough time to get in a life-changing car accident.

Older Cars Can Cause Accidents and Fatal Injuries

Some older adults pass down their old car to their children to cut cost. Although letting your children use an older car may be an economical option, it may also have potential risks. According to our physiotherapist in California, a lot of younger generations have experienced car accidents that result in fatal injuries and even death when driving vehicles that are ten years old and above.

Backseat Passengers Can Be at Risk in Car Accidents

A lot of people still think that by being on the back seat of a car, they will not experience that much injuries in case there is a car accident compared to those who are seated on the front. That is not necessarily so.

Arguing Inside a Moving Vehicle Is a Risky Business

Heated arguments happen a lot to people, and that is normal. Differences in opinions and mistakes often contribute to hostile exchanges and rows. However, there is always a time and place for that. No matter how you feel at the moment, never lose your cool while the car is in motion.

Stay Alert When Driving in a Rainy Weather

Rain is a fact of life. It waters the plants, provides a natural habitat for small animals, and brings people closer together under the shelter of a roof. However, it is also one of the leading causes of accidents to those who are driving according to a physiotherapist in California.

Speeding Drivers Can Result in Road Accidents

According to a physiotherapist in California, many motorists who have survived a road accident explain that the accident happened because they were in such a hurry as to not be late for work or an appointment. They also say that they felt so much pressure that they forgot or overlooked the speed limit.

Owning a Car Has Its Advantages

Cars provide a convenient form of transport, which makes them a big part of our lives. You can go to and from different places and do what you need to do by utilizing them. If you own a car, you don’t have to depend on public transportation or someone to give you a ride.

Do Your Part in Preventing Accidents and Traffic Jams

You may have experienced getting stuck in a traffic jam at some point. Traffic jams occur for various reasons. It may be due to the heavy congestion of vehicles or ongoing road construction. It may also be because of a car accident, according to a physiotherapist in California.

Always Give Way to Pedestrians

Whenever push comes to shove, it is sometimes the pedestrians who suffer the unfavorable effects of a road situation, especially during rush hours. Accidents happen to them and drivers when the latter don’t watch out or respect pedestrian lanes, according to our physiotherapist in California.

Failure to Give Signal Can Cause an Auto Accident

There are a lot of cases where a driver fails to signal, or does the incorrect one, and cause an auto accident, according to a physiotherapist in California. The auto accident often occurs when they get hit by another vehicle from the rear.

A Car Is No Place to Eat Your Breakfast

Many working adults who have an automobile choose to drive to work so they can get to their workplace on time. Sometimes, they stop by at drive-ins to order food or coffee, especially when they don’t have the time to prepare breakfast at home.

However, there are risks when you choose to eat or drink your morning cup of coffee while driving to work. Trying to fill your belly can be a great distraction as per a physiotherapist in California. When you are driving a car, it’s crucial that you focus on the road and not on what you’re eating.

Basic Driving Skills Are Not Enough in a Busy Road

If you are a first-time driver, you need to equip yourself with knowledge and skills in driving. Okay, let’s face it—it’s costly to enroll in a certified driving school. However, you may want to think about how a car accident can wipe out your savings if you lack proper training as a driver.