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german language

Weird and Wonderful Links Between English and German

English and German share a common origin. This means today there are some German words that are exactly the same as in English or more often nearly the same. The two languages are also quite distinct and bafflingly there are words that seem identical yet have different meanings!

Christmas Traditions in Germany

Christmas in Germany has in recent decades become very commercial, with many retailers beginning to provide Christmas decorations and promotions as soon as September. There is without a doubt many similarities between Christmas traditions in both Germany and other EU countries but there are also some quite distinct differences as well.

How to Apply For German Dual Citizenship

German citizenship is applied through jus sanguinis, or citizenship by descent. This is acquired when someone is born to a German parent anywhere in the world. All German citizens have the right to freedom of movement in countries that are members of the European Union as this is a right assigned to citizens of countries who are part of the EU / Schengen. Dual citizenship is not required to live and work as a German in an EU country.

How to Measure a German Translator’s Accuracy

Measuring the quality of a translation and the skills of a translator is not an easy task. The methodology has to be both accurate and objective. A plan has to be formulated before measuring a German translator’s accuracy.

10 Reasons Why Companies Should Consider Investing In Germany - Blog

There are at least 10 good reasons why businesses should invest in Germany. For a start, Germany leads the world as an industrialised nation; it has a big

German Schengen Tourist Visa - Validity, Processing Time & How to Get

If you would like to visit Germany for less than three months whether you intend to visit friends or family members or just for sightseeing, you may be req

A Short Guide to German Football Vocabulary

Many Germans are keen on sport and the number of different sports played is as high as you would expect in a country with a large, relatively affluent population, many of whom live in large cities where sports facilities and opportunities to watch and play sport are well developed.

Certified Translations of Prenuptial Agreements

Today, with a global, mobile population that does not speak any one single language, translations are more important than ever before.

What to Look For in a Medical Translator

Because translation services are in demand in just about every field, including the medical arena, translators tend to choose a field which they call their

Why is German Translation So Popular Today?

German Translations for Business Germany is one of the most affluent countries in Europe. It has a large manufacturing base specialising in well-known name

German Legal Translations by German Translators

German translation services are important in today’s global economy because there are more than 100 million speakers of German and it is the most widely spoken language in Western European countries. Many businesses and organisations communicate with their counterparts in Germany so they constantly require German translations of important legal documents.

Differences Between the Old and New German Languages

If you are learning some basic German words, you may not be aware of just how much German has changed over the centuries. Even today, German speakers in different arts of Europe and different regions within Germany itself speak with a different dialect. These dialects may have a different word order and vocabulary, even though they are recognisably German.

Some Interesting Facts About the German Language

Most people who have never visited Germany know something about the country, even if they know nothing much about the German language. They may know that Germany is one of the most important of the European countries in terms of economics. They may know that Germany loves soccer and its national team has won international tournaments like the Soccer World Cup and the Europa Cup more times than most other countries.

Blockchain's Future in the Language Translation Industry

Blockchain is purported to be a digital ledger, containing economic transactions that cannot be corrupted but can be programmed to record financial transactions. The blockchain database is not stored in one location, which means the records it stores are public, but easily verifiable.