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Updated by Michelle Starlingtong on Nov 14, 2018
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Best Drones For Your Money, a Value Added List

Wanna buy a drone? Want to get flying high and peek on your neighbours, get going with these tips about drones and their capacities.

The Drone Logic - The Ultimate Resource for Drone Enthusiasts

The Drone Logic is your Ultimate Resource to Understanding Personal & Commercial Drone Uses, Local Laws, Top Products and the Technology behind them.

How to Fly a Drone (& NOT Crash) - in 4K!

8 easy steps to flying without crashing in ANY conditions: 1. Basic controls: 01:24 2. GPS off: 02:38 3. Rotate: 03:54 4. Side-to-side: 05:54 5. Forward and ...


In this video, I teach you how to fly a DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone...This video can also be for people just wanting some entertainment in their lives becau...

How to Make a Homemade Drone

How to make a DIY, simple quad-copter aircraft out of household parts. A simple homemade drone made out of the most basic parts possible and can fly ! Be sur...

Homemade drone catcher

We have seen various mechanisms instead of drones, our construction is unique and maybe it is the first homemade, anti-drone gun. 🌟Get access to the download...

How to Make Drone at Home (Quadcopter) | Homemade DJI Mavic Drone

Hello my dear friends, in this video I'm going to show you How to make drone at home ➥ FRIENDS I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO. THANKS FOR WATCHING HAVE A GOOD DA...

Drone racing: First Person View (FPV)

At an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne's west, about 30 drone racers have spent hours custom building their multi-rotor machines and fitting them with onboar...