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Manntech is a brand which has become synonymous with pioneering advancements in building maintenance systems over the last 60 years and, with the longest history of any provider in the industry, is recognized as the design and engineering force behind many of the building access systems which have become common fixtures today on building across the world.

Custom access solutions to preserve the bold modern architecture of the Middle East | Manntech

The unusual architectural features which are common in the Middle East require equally innovative building access systems.

Custom facade access solutions for unique European architectural challenges | Manntech

The specific challenges presented by the European context often call for highly specialised, custom made building access solutions.

Project specific consultation and design for comprehensive facade access solutions – Manntech

Manntech’s commitment to meeting their client’s facade access requirements on every project is served by a design process focussed on developing complete building maintenance systems capable of overcoming the unique challenges involved.

How utilising a range of advanced access solutions overcome architectural challenges – Manntech

As emerging construction techniques and new types of building materials make the boldest visions of today’s most forward thinking architects more and more achievable, tall buildings all over the world are defying the limits of what has previously been possible in terms of both scale and complexity.

A bespoke facade access system for a unique ‘Healing Environment’ hospital building | Manntech

As a vital part of the development of this important city centre hospital facility, the facade access solutions developed by Manntech are critical in achieving the goals of improved patient care and recovery through the qualities of hospital building itself.

Facade access solutions for complex negative and positive sloping facades

As an industry leading provider of building maintenance systems, Manntech’s extensive portfolio includes a broad range of facade access solutions for many of the highest complexity projects around the world.

How bespoke solutions are tailored to meet the access needs of building interiors – Manntech

Manntech’s reputation as a pioneer in the access industry and a trusted provider of bespoke building access solutions have seen them repeatedly called upon to develop custom building access solutions which overcome the challenges of the most complex buildings in the world.

A customised concealed facade access solution for the complex facade of FKI Tower | Manntech

Manntech demonstrated their efficiency by integrated their building maintenance units into the design of the FKI Tower.

Exclusive facade access solutions for the complex curving form of Evolution Tower | Manntech

Manntech develops a custom building maintenance system for the Evolution Tower in Moscow.

Manntech's custom facade access solution befit a dynamic, complex structure | Manntech

Standing at 632m tall, the Shanghai Tower of China is the third supertall high-rise building in the city’s Pudong area and financial district. Designed with a soft vertical spiral, that rotates at a 120 degree twist and tapers to approximately 45 percent of its base footprint, the Shanghai Tower is comprised on 128 floors, with five floors below grade.

Custom access solutions for extreme weather and climate conditions

Extreme changes to weather and climate conditions require Manntech to continuously devise new custom solutions for the safe operation of Manntech BMUs.

Learn how the future of building access solutions is developing

As a pioneer of innovative facade access solutions, Manntech's future in building maintenance remains as bright as ever.

How Manntech provides integrated building maintenance for Al Hamra Tower

The tallest structure in Kuwait, and a national symbol, the uniquely designed Al Hamra Tower stands at 413 meters tall.

Manntech develops intricate facade access system development for The Edge

The Edge is one of the most sustainable offices ever designed, requiring Manntech to develop an innovative and bespoke facade access solution.

Innovative custom solutions to meet the access challenges of the world’s supertall buildings

Manntech hold a well-earned reputation for pioneering advances in German-engineered building maintenance systems and a portfolio of customised solutions for the most challenging building access projects in the world.

Manntech’s culture of constant innovation delivers the most complex bespoke access solutions

Manntech’s proud history as a pioneering developer of bespoke building maintenance systems stretches back more than 60 years and our extensive portfolio encompasses tailor made solutions to some of the most complex building access challenges worldwide.

Custom Building Access Systems for ground breaking buildings

At numerous landmark construction projects all over the world, Manntech’s expertise and experience in developing custom access solutions sees them chosen time and again to develop new Building Maintenance Systems for complex architecture.

How Manntech’s facade access solutions are tailor-made for each unique building

Manntech’s experience and expertise as the innovators of bespoke building access systems can be seen in numerous unique solutions tailored to the specific access needs of a wide variety of uniquely challenging projects.

How Manntech have risen to prominence as a trusted BMU manufacturer

The Manntech brand has become recognised worldwide as the innovator of highly-engineered, ground breaking technology in facade access systems for the tallest and most complex buildings across the globe.

How facade access systems can be adapted to meet the needs of unique buildings

New, unique building projects have consistently pushed forward the possibilities of the sheer scale and imaginative architectural forms achievable in skyscraper construction.

How custom facade access solutions can be concealed within building architecture

As industry leaders, Manntech have built a reputation as specialists in developing custom facade access solutions to meet the maintenance needs and preserve the appearance of the most unique and iconic buildings in the world.

How Manntech deliver custom facade access systems for high-complexity buildings

With the longest history of any building access provider, stretching back over 60 years, the Manntech brand is well established as the pioneering innovator of bespoke building maintenance systems.

How the Manntech consultation and design process facilitates better access solutions | Manntech

Across numerous projects all over the world, our design team have proved themselves capable of developing facade access systems which overcome any challenge they are faced with.

How Manntech’s experts delivered an improved access solution for Menara Astra, Jakarta | Manntech

In spite of the time pressures involved in redesigning an earlier proposal at a relatively late stage, Manntech were able to step in and ensure the client could enjoy peace of mind with a tailor-made and reliable facade access solution in place.

A facade access solution for the fusion of classic and modern at Boston’s Millennium Tower

This project called for a comprehensive facade access solution to ensure safe and practical maintenance requiring our team of BMU specialists to design and manufacture a highly versatile system.

  • Manntech is a brand which has become synonymous with pioneering advancements in building maintenance systems over the last 60 years and, with the longest history of any provider in the industry, is recognized as the design and engineering force behind many of the building access systems which have become common fixtures today on building across the world.

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