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IT Articles

Digitalization of Clinical Trials using Social Media - A Blog Post by TCS

Know how combining social media and AI is going to make clinical trials more efficient in terms of reducing cost, time and improving overall outcome. Read this TCS blog for more details.

Pros & Cons and AI side of using Drones in Asset Inspections by TCS

The task of asset inspection in organisation requires a large skilled workforce to identify anomalies and raise alarms as required. By using drones for asset inspection, industries can save time, efforts, and costs, while delivering improved results. This TCS blog post highlights benefits, drawbacks & AI Side of Using Drones for Asset Inspections. Read more.

Trends and Opportunities in the Real-Time Payments by TCS

The future of real-time payments looks very bright, with plenty of opportunities for banks to tap into and create new revenue streams. This TCS blog post sheds light on the various trends and opportunities in the real-time payments (RTP) universe. Read more.

How Enterprises are Using Voice Biometrics for Authentication - An article by TCS

Voice authentication offers a flexible and cost-effective form of biometric authentication which enterprises can leverage to enhance security and provide a choice to customers in terms of how they wish to authenticate themselves. Read this TCS blog to know how this can be done.

Benefits of using IoT In Oil & Gas Digital Transformation by TCS

Well implemented IoT has the potential to propel oil and gas companies into the future by leveraging agility and predictive insights. Read this TCS blog to know the benefits of using IOT for digitalization in oil and gas industry.

This TCS article sheds light on Inherited Metabolic Disorders and a computational method called molecular dynamics (MD) simulation which demands extensive use of high-performance computing (HPC) resources. Click here to read more.

Business 4.0 for Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry - TCS

The future of the pharma industry rests entirely on how quickly they embrace a Business 4.0 approach involving an agile, data-driven model that allows them to leverage AI, automation, and cloud technologies. Read this TCS blog for more details.

Building Software for Life Sciences with User-Experience Design - TCS

User experience (UX) plays an extremely vital role in case of software used by people working in Life Sciences. This TCS blog highlights the aspects that must be considered to achieve user-centredness in software design to serve science and scientists better.

Digital Clinical Workplace for Connecting with Digitally Empowered Patient - TCS

To keep today’s digitally empowered patients engaged hospitals and clinics will have to embrace best-in-class digital technologies to provide rich, interactive patient experiences across the treatment cycle and communication and collaboration mechanism with sales teams. Read this TCS blog to know its significance.

Many of the existing drugs available in the market fail to target infectious diseases effectively. Hence pharmacological R&D needs to focus on discovering new drug molecules using systems-level modelling. Read this TCS blog to know more about how systems-level modelling can help us fight infectious disease.

Alternate Approach for ISO IDMP Implementation - TCS

The pharma industry has adopted an alternate approach for ISO-IDMP Implementation to create a single unique identity for drugs sold under various brand names in different countries. This is done to enable drug safety tracking, accurate cross-border prescription fulfilment and other various reasons. Read this TCS blog for more details.

Medical Terminology Management for Successful Clinical Trials - TCS

This article by TCS is about understanding the role of Medical Terminology Management in successful clinical trials. Read in detail about The art, science, and technology of terminology management.

Role of Information Technology in Procurement Functions by TCS

In this article by TCS, learn ways to move away from micro-management by adapting to technology and saving time. Read in detail about how by reducing focus on procurement transaction, the role of your procurement team shifts from controller to curator.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the Manufacturing Industry by TCS

In this article by TCS, learn about the adoption of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the manufacturing industry and its benefits. Read in detail to find out why is it the best time for organizations to start considering AI.

Cloud Computing in Banking Sector Explained by TCS

This article by TCS explains in detail how cloud can help banks provide secure services to end customers, while also ensuring protection of data. Choose from several types of cloud based services infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, etc. Read more.

Growing Significance of The Cloud Consumption Model - TCS

In this article TCS talks about the growing significance of the cloud consumption model, factors to consider while adopting various cloud based services focusing on the shift in “pay-as-you-use” to “pay-as-you-consume” wave. Visit the website to read in detail.

Digital Patient Engagement: Empowering Patients Digitally - TCS

This blog article by TCS talks about the increasing trend in digital patient engagement and empowering them digitally for better and enhanced self-care. Know more in detail about how digital technologies will make self-health management more effective.

Medical Terminology Management: Art, Science & Technology - TCS

This blog article by TCS sheds light on medical terminology management and reassessing medical coding practices in terms of art, science, and technology. Read in detail about the industry's undergoing technological evolution and how connected medical terminology management will play a role in transforming areas like labelling, regulatory affairs etc. Learn more.

Open banking Opportunities & Challenges: Digital Transformation

This article by TCS talks about the adoption of open banking; the opportunities and challenges it brings along with it both for banks and its customers. Visit the website and read in detail about TCS' 3C Strategy recommends for Open Banking.

Telecom Digital Transformation Journey - TCS

In this blog article by TCS, read about the telecom digital transformation journey and how should the telecom industry go about it, the change that is required, etc. Read in detail about the simple approaches for effective digital transformation.