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The Different Types Of Sales Funnels

Various Types Of Sales Funnels Explained:

You want to know how to build a sales funnel fast and chances are that you are wondering how to create a sales funnel in internet marketing? How to sales funnel? What is sales funnel management? How to make money with membership sites? What if I need a physical product sales funnel? What are the sales funnel stages best practices? What is a marketing funnel vs sales funnel? Thousand questions that can only find answers inside the best sales funnel course. Make no mistake: Using those Clickfunnels templates will only get you average results. No automated sales funnel creator or DFY sales funnel (done for you sales funnels) or marketing sales funnel template or web sales software or online sales funnel software can replace the art and skill required to build a sales funnel system that converts well and outperforms the average sales funnel conversion rate. Furthermore there are so many different sales funnel types, including but not limited to: Sale funnel website, content marketing funnel, make a membership site which is a membership site business model in itself, CRM sales funnel, App conversion funnel, facebook conversion funnel, shopify conversion funnel, sales funnels for coaches, customer sales funnel, B2B conversion funnel, affiliate membership site, advertising sales funnel. The best sales funnels are tailor made. It requires lot of testing and analysing those sales funnel ratios before your sales funnel conversion rate is optimized. But first the marketer should build a sales funnel mindmap to visualize and to plan out what he intends to accomplish with his Marketing sales funnel system and what his profitable membership site ideas are for example. Then he should take a look at the membership course site provided by Excel Performance Media which explains in detail what the different marketing funnel conversion rates are, what a good ecommerce funnel conversion rate is like and how to create a sales funnel website, how to create a paid membership site, a turnkey membership site, a shopify membership site, a teachable membership site, a forex membership site or an affiliate membership site or any other type of membership site - just to name a few.


Sales Letter Funnel

There are three categories of sales letter funnels:

  1. the text only sales letter funnel;
  2. the video only sales (letter) funnel;
  3. the so called hybrid sales letter funnel which is a combination of both:

Which one out of these three to choose pretty much depends on your audience. If you know that your target audience prefers to read, you take the text only. The advantage for fast readers is that it will take them less time to inheal the content opposed to when watching a sales-video; If however your audience prefers to be comfortable, lean back and digest your information visually then you select the video sales funnel. If you are unsure about your audience's preference then you may still select the hybrid sales letter.

The sales funnel stages typically include upsells and downsells.

Lead Magnet Funnel

How To Build A Strong Lead Magnet Funnel To Attract Hords Of New Customers To Your Business

The so called value-ladder starts at the bottom by giving away something of high value for free. The visitor in return submits his email and optionally other information about himself, like name, address, etc.. With that the marketer can now follow up with him by email and send him engaging content and/or promotions with the objective to convert this subscriber into a paying customer.

That free giveaway can be an ebook, a download, a software, anything useful and contextual regarding the visitors interest.

The lead magnet funnel can be considered as the entry point of your sales funnel. The very first funnel stage of a sales funnel is a lead magnet funnel. How to create such a lead magnet funnel is covered in this training: How to create a sales funnel for your business

Invisible Funnel

The Invisible Funnel Accomodates Space For A Smooth Transition From Lead To Customer

As the credit card details are collected upfront, the user experience of buying later down the road in the invisible funnel becomes a no brainer because until then the user has had enough time to gain experience with the product or service he has tested. It is on a only pay if you like basis. The credit card on file only gets charged with the consent of the credit card holder.

Summit Funnel

The Summit Funnel Combines Expert Voices

When you hear the same "song" or call to action from various directions / experts on an event (online or offline) and you are surrounded by like minded people with the same intention in mind then it becomes kind of irresistable to just follow this best advice and buy into whatever is on offer in that summit funnel.

For further details on summit funnels please consult Excel Performance Media.

Product Launch Funnel

How The Product Launch Funnel Causes A Sales Record On Launch Date

Building up to an event such as a product launch offers the unique window of opportunity to create tons of buzz so that hordes of people cannot wait for the new product to become available. Just think of the release of the iphone. Thousands of people in front of the store waiting for the gates to open. Chances are that on day of product launch sales have a peak compared to the rest of the year.

While building up to the opening of the gates the product launch funnel typically infotains, educates and entertains the future customer in four steps, one each week for example.

For further information how to create such a product launch funnel and how to implement it in your business go to Excel Performance Media and check out the funnel training.

Application Funnel

The Application Funnel As A Lead Qualifier And Sales Method

In the application funnel the marketer, coach or consultant creates not only scarcity but also collects important information about the applicant in order to see whether or not he is a good fit. With that data gathered the marketer can select who he wants to work with and adapt his sales or consulting process accordingly. For sure it has a great psychological effect on the buyer who cannot just become when he feels like but only when he is allowed to and granted access to the product or service. The application funnel is mostly used in consulting, sales of high-ticket items and coaching.

Webinar Funnel

Engaging and Interacting is Selling: The Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel kind of surrounds the flow of what is already provided by the webinar hosting platform: Building up to the webinar live-event and sending out the recording after the webinar with follow up and final call before deadline.

The webinar itself typically consists of three parts:

  • a free training that creates sufficient curiosity for the rest of the (paid) training,
  • questions and answers session and
  • closing.

Excel Performance Media provides step by step instructions how to build such a webinar funnel.

Auto Webinar Funnel

How The Auto Webinar Funnel Attracts More Visitors Than A Sales Video

The auto webinar funnel creates the illusion and impression of being on a live webinar event even though it is just a recording. In order to make such a funnel reality the marketer obviously must first hold a live webinar so that he has the recording of it for the purpose of repurposing the replay in the automated webinar funnel. It is perfect for scaling a successful well converting webinar because it can be played back on demand on autopilot around the clock no matter where the visitor is. It is also a great tool to get hold of the attendee's data such as name and email for future follow up.

Home Page Funnel

### Home Page Funnel - A Well Disguised Sales Funnel

While most retail businesses just use the home page for the purpose of having an online presence, the smart business owner, online and offline alike, implements funnel steps into his home page so that the visitor can sign up e.g. for a newsletter or schedule a call or that existing clients can leave a review on the spot right after having been serviced (good for SEO), the visitor can be cookied in for retargeting at a later stage, etc. ...the possibilities are endless: The sky is the limit.

Hero Funnel

The Hero Funnel Is All About A Subject In Terms Of A Personality

Some marketers just enjoy being on stage in the spotlight. They only feel well in this environment where they are respected, honoured, looked up to and modelled by many as an authority in the marketplace.

Whatever this type of marketer brings to the table he enjoys the trust because he is an authority and perceived as such. Obviously personality and character but also a proven track record play a big role in the Hero Funnel.

Here is how you can become a hero in your own hero funnel.

Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

Why The Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel Performs So Well

Because it builds on reciprocity. It is in human nature to give back and be equitable once you were given something for free without (apparent) intentions behind. So, first the marketer creates tons of goodwill in the marketplace for the visitor of his Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel and then asks for the optin / sign up to his list. This clearly breaks all bounderies and allergies against sales-pitches because this funnel type is so human in its nature and character.

High lead quality paired with lower conversion rate. But what is better? High sign-up rates including people that won't buy from you anyway or mostly sign ups from real leads with the intention to take it further?

For further information how to get it right, please contact Excel Performance Media.

Cancellation Funnel

The Cancellation Funnel's Mission To Reduce Refund Rates

Cancellations and Refunds are an undesired side-effect of any business. How to handle them - if at all - distinguishes the winner from the loser. The lazy marketer just accepts and processes the cancellation- and refund request, the winner digs deeper to find out the real reason why the customer wants to move away so that he has the ammunition to possibly deliver the missing piece or satisfy the specific client's concern. Once that is out of the way the refund request itself has become obsolete.

Excel Performance Media can show you what is needed to build such a cancellation funnel.

Daily Deal Funnel

In Daily Deal Funnels The Day Itself Is The Deadline

Instead of the flavour of the month, the flavour of the day. People love to make a good bargain. This is exactly the nerf you hit with such a very limited low priced special offer. Only available that very day. Once the gates close or the product is sold out, offer gone. Period.

The end of the day is the deadline of the daily deal funnel.
It works for both offline and online businesses or a mix of both.

Membership Funnel

Either You Are In Or You Are Out: The Membership Funnel

The membership funnel is an entire business model which consists of

a) selling the membership itself and then once inside
b) upsell the member to plans higher in pricing and even more exclusive in its nature and character.

It is like a business in a box with its own database of clients. Apart from driving traffic to the membership funnel for the sake of gaining new members, all the marketer needs to do is maintain and update the interior with interesting new features, benefits and promotions so that existing members buy even more.

Here is an example: This sales funnel training is being delivered via a membership site.

Survey Funnel

The Under The Radar Sales Weapon: The Survey Funnel

Gathering more information about the profile of a potential client can be very helpful in the later sales stages in which the marketer uses the information given as ammunition in order to tailer the offer to the needs of the customer so that he can much easier see himself benefiting from the product or service on offer. This entire fact finding process via survey is like seeing through the eyes of the customer and speaking the same language. The Survey Funnel is a brilliant tool for building rapport thanks to its engagement and interaction. It motivates the prospect for further action. And the best part: It can be fully automated. With today's technology available the marketer can even take it one step further and integrate behavioural funnel steps depending on the answers given.

Ask Campaign Funnel

The Ask Campaign Funnel Asks First

The voice of the client wants to be listened to.
The requirements of the customer want to be met.

Once the conditions outlined above are satisfied the closer can make the deal. Closing that deal is suddenly so much easier because the entire offer is now (at least appears) tailored to the clients needs.

Excel Performance Media: Ask us first before building such an Ask Campaign Funnel on your own.

Live Demo Funnel

Live Demo Funnel Invites For A Test Drive

Nothing is more convincing than a real life user experience as if the client would own the product or service already. He sees it, feels it, visualizes himself using it. This is so much more efficient than just outlining the benefits or features. Highly engaging and interactive and therefore highly converting.

For more information how to implement this live demo funnel approach in your business reach out to Excel Performance Media.

Storefront Funnel

How The Storefront Funnel Triggers The Joy Of Shopping

This funnel type is mostly used in e-commerce but can also finds good use in brick-and-mortar stores and retail businesses. Anywhere where a multitude of products is being displayed so that the visitor can first take his time, have a good look around what's for sale, develop interest before entering the sales talk with a sales person (offline) / proceeding to checkout (online).

2-Step-Tripwire Funnel

The Very Seducting 2-Step-Tripwire Funnel

The 2-Step Tripwire Funnel is like very subtle selling:

First the marketer offer high value for little money.
Second, once the client is on the clients list he has entered the value ladder, which is like a big filter - filtering down those who are open to take out more, higher ticket items.

Bridge Funnel

Use The Bridge Funnel Wherever You Have To Cross An Obstacle

There are many reasons why the business owner needs to use the bridge funnel. It might be that the marketer is out of control of the sales page because this is provided by the affiliate network and cannot be changed, scripts cannot be added, content is static or he must meet certain requirements the landing page must fulfill and imposed on the marketer by the traffic source and the list goes on and on. It can also be a matter of relevance where an additional step in the sales flow is needed in order to be smooth in its user experience. Excel Performance Media has first hand expertise how to build and use bridge funnels. For further details contact Excel Performance Media.