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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Top 5 Technological Improvements That Make Apartment Living More Luxurious – Easy tricks to modernize your home
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Top 5 Technological Improvements That Make Apartment Living More Luxurious – Easy tricks to modernize your home

Finding the apartment that fits your budget can often be hard and limit the options you have for upgrades. Here are 5 tech upgrades that you can implement that can make your life easier.


Surround Sound

If your living in an apartment then you have to be mindful of your neighbours and be aware of your noise levels. But if you're a person who values sound quality for listening to music or watching TV then purchasing a surround system that only fills the room is recommended. There are plenty of speakers that are capable of filling the room with sound while not being loud enough to penetrate your walls and be a nuisance to your neighbours. Most of these speakers are wireless and can be controlled using your smartphone or PC.


Smart locks

If you're living in an apartment one of the main problems you will have is either forgetting your key or having to pass it around whoever you're living with. Smart locks are an easy way to avoid having to wait for the person who has the key or asking the landlord for the key while not compromising on the security. You can link the lock to whatever smart device you have and it requires only a slight modification to your existing setup. You might want to give your landlord a heads-up about this one and give him a copy of the physical key.


Security System

Apartments have a higher chance of getting robbed when compared to houses. But installing a security system is a costly exercise that most landlords won't agree to add. Luckily there a few easy to use security systems that can be installed without much hassle and do their job. Look for devices that can operate over WiFi and can be remotely operated via your smartphone or PC. Some of the products even notify the necessary emergency services with the required evidence to make the job easier for everyone.


Smoke detectors

While most of the high-end apartments for sale in Sri Lanka such as the ones offered by TRI-ZEN come with smoke detectors built in, most apartment complexes aren't equipped with this necessity. Even the ones that do come with smoke detectors that are either too sensitive and go off as soon as they get the first whiff of smoke or aren't sensitive enough and don't do what is expected. You can find a smart smoke detector that does a much more efficient job and is easier to manage. You don't have to get up a chair and balance yourself to hit it and turn it off, you can do it from your phone now, it's that simple!



As much as technology is built to help us, managing all your products can become quite difficult when you have an app for each of your smart tech. A hub is a device that can interconnect all your devices into one easily manageable interface and control everything from one app without having to switch between apps. Setting up the hub may take a bit of time and might require some technical know-how or you might have to watch some YouTube videos. But once that's done you have nothing else to worry about, you can control all your smart devices with the click of a button!

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