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Headline for Top 5 Thrilling Things to Do in Bali – Highlights for the Adrenaline Junkie
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Top 5 Thrilling Things to Do in Bali – Highlights for the Adrenaline Junkie

The island of Bali has secured a reputation as a premier holiday destination. In Bali, you will also find plenty of thrilling things to do that are sure to capture the imagination of the active visitor, like those described below.


Take to the waters in a Seabreacher

The distinctive Seabreacher is a watercraft that seems to combine the aspects of a jet ski, submarine, jet aircraft and a sea mammal. You will have the opportunity to take a ride on this amazing watercraft at the island of Bali. The Seabreacher has the ability to glide through the waters at 80 kmh which is sure to be an exhilarating experience. However, the fun does not end there as this vessel also has the ability to venture up to two metres beneath the surface of the waters as well as to leap 6 metres above the surface of the waters.


Experience the Abyss Zipline

On the Abyss Zipline, you will have the chance to glide above the waters of the sea on a zip line that connects two lofty cliffs. The islands of Nusa Ceningan, as well as its neighbour Nusa Lembongan, feature striking cliffs as well as powerful waves; what could be more exciting than observing these natural features whilst gliding along a zip line? This combination of a thrilling ride and stunning scenery create an experience that is sure to capture the imagination of the active leisure seeker. Increasing numbers of visitors to Bali are taking the opportunity to experience this breathtaking adventure activity.


Ride Kuta's 5GX Reverse Bungy

Thrill seekers are sure to be enthralled by the sensational 5GX Reverse Bungy that you will have the opportunity to experience in Kuta. On this one of a kind attraction, you will enjoy exciting fun as well as thrills that will meet the expectations of the adrenaline seeker. This massive catapult will propel you upwards at a top speed of over 100 kmh creating an amazing sensation. All of this activity happens in a number of seconds, and you may even be able to view the sunset as you ascend up into the skies above, if you do so at the optimal time.


White Water Rafting

White water rafting is another exciting activity that visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy in Bali. If the idea of making your way through exciting rapids along a picturesque river takes your fancy, make sure to go white water rafting in Bali. Two of the popular rafting localities in Bali are the Ayung River and the Telaga Waja river. Ayung River offers plenty of beautiful scenery that you will be able to enjoy on your rafting excursion; on the other hand, Telaga Waja provides a more exciting experience with surging rapids and a thrilling fall. A choice of accommodation to consider from which you can enjoy this activity at Ayung River would be Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, which may be considered to be a pleasingly located Seminyak Bali resort.


Flyboarding at Nusa Dua

There is nothing quite like the sensation of flyboarding, which is becoming an increasingly popular water activity. You will have the opportunity to engage in this exhilarating activity at Tanjung Benoa beach. Considered to be an extreme sport, flyboarding is carried out by donning a special apparatus connected to a surfing board, which in turn is attached to a hose affixed to a motor. The strong water pressure will enable the flyboarder to be elevated into the air, just like a real-life superhero. Although flyboarding is usually carried out in an upright position, with experience you will gain the confidence to make more daring manoeuvres.