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Headline for Top 7 "Sea Adventures" to Experience in Phuket - The Best Aquatic Sports to Engage in this Holiday
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Top 7 "Sea Adventures" to Experience in Phuket - The Best Aquatic Sports to Engage in this Holiday

Phuket is home for all beach lovers. There are many beautiful beaches here that would make you feel as if you are in heaven. To make things better, there are many aquatic sports you can engage in while you are here. This is a list of the 7 best aquatic sports you can do this holiday.



The Andaman Sea is perfect for Snorkelling. Its tropical waters are crystal clear, balmy, calm and rich with marine life. In Phuket, you can snorkel at any time of the year. However, from November to April the sea is exceptionally placid, making it the best time to go snorkelling. The water is very warm so you won't need a wetsuit. However, make sure you pack your sunblock to avoid getting sunburnt. Shops in the vicinity of the beaches have snorkelling gear for rent.


Scuba diving

One of the Phuket attractions that you must not miss is their underwater world. There is a myriad of sea creatures, colourful corals and shipwrecks hidden under the waters of the Andaman Sea. You can visit the popular King Cruiser wreck which is near the Anemone Reef. Try diving at the Shark Point, named because of the Leopard Sharks in the area. If you want to see big fish and have the ultimate diving experience, book a liveaboard diving cruise.



Kitesurfing is rapidly gaining popularity in Phuket. Hotels such as Anantara Layan Phuket Resort are buzzing with kitesurf enthusiasts from all around the world. The Layan and Nai Yang beaches are ideal for beginners as the waves are calm and gentle. The experienced kitesurfers show off their skills with aerobic stunts using the calmness of the waters.


Sea Kayaking

The Phang Nga Bay is the perfect spot to go sea kayaking. Explore the large limestone caves in your canoe. You don't have to be an experienced kayaker to enjoy the trip if you have an expert guide. Pha Nga Bay is truly one of the most beautiful natural creations of the world. It would be a crime to miss a kayaking trip while you're at Phuket.



There are many wakeboarding parks in Phuket. For those who are not familiar with wakeboarding, here is what it is. Wakeboarding is water skiing with a cable attached to the skis and a boat. The boat tows the ski at high speed on a lake. This is safer than wakeboarding in the sea and you can get away from the busy bustle of the beach for a few hours. If you're a beginner, watch out. Learning to wakeboard is not a piece of cake. You will fall over a dozen times before you get the hang of it. However, as the saying goes, no pain no gain.


Saddle Up Paddle Boarding

This is a new aquatic sport to reach the beaches of Phuket. Although it is relatively new, there is a long history to saddle up paddle boarding. It was first discovered in Hawaii by the Waikiki Beach Boys. Phuket is ideal of SUP Boarding. The calm waves make it easier to stand on the board. You don't need to be exceptionally fit and strong to try SUP boarding. Once you can maintain your balance on the board, you're good to go.


Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a great way to have fun this holiday season. If you're planning on jetskiing, visit the main beaches of Phuket. There are many places where you can hire jet skis for reasonable prices. Although fun, it is a dangerous activity where you could injure yourself or those near you. Always make sure you are not too close to the swimmers.