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When it comes down to those memorable college years, one thing that comes to mind is the hurry. Always having to write those college papers and always being in a hurry to do so. Of course, everybody knows how to do an essay, but it seems that up-coming due dates never stop, or running out of time when trying to squeeze a part-time job as well, or when there simply is some partying to do, that seems a little more important at the time. Thus, learning how to write fast becomes a must.




A couple of tips and tricks, about how to write a long essay, respecting the dreaded due-date, without lowering the quality of the college papers:

Have a clear view of the main idea and key thoughts. For an inspirational boost, read some similarly themed essays, written by more experienced people, the kind you may find on, for example.
Use the time you have to a maximum of efficiency. Put aside any time-consuming activities.
Focus and let go of any distractions. Insta followers can find out about your study after you’ve finished it. Although these are the general rules of succeeding, we’ll provide a couple more pointers on how to write essays faster while also keeping the high-quality you desire.

1. Time flies when you’re having fun

First order of business, put your phone somewhere far away from your reach, there is nothing on your phone that can help you write faster or better.

Need I tell you that social media becomes quite the time-machine? And it seems that it only does future leaps. To a moment when you haven’t got enough hours left to finish. So, under no circumstance, not even one tiny break for social media access. You have another more important task on hand than to “like” friends who have already finished their work.

Breaks help you clear your head. But too many of them can indeed clear your head of focus, ideas, key points you had in your grasp, and now they dwindle somewhere unreachable.


2. Less is the new more

Fewer documents you have to use, less time you lose alternating through them. Write your plan and your notes directly in the document you’ve created for the essay. That way you have them under your eyes on all times. Plus, you can expand them with arguments and can go through any of them on the spot, whenever a brilliant idea comes along.

The same is to be said about references. Instead of having a separate document solely filled with references that you insert after the work is done, fill them in as your work goes along.

Proofread, as well, while writing each paragraph, rather than at the end. Not to say that a final read after you’ve finished should not be done. But only to pride yourself with the fine work you’ve accomplished!


3. Think outside the essay-writing box

A rookie mistake is to take on the introduction and the conclusion firsthand. Imagine you haven’t got all your main ideas in line yet, you’re not sure of the key arguments you’re about to make, but you try and summarize them at the beginning of your paper. You’ll lose a lot of time trying to imagine and reconstitute, solely in your mind, the way the whole essay is going to look and flow.
The same is to be said for the conclusion. How could you highlight in your final word what you yet have to point out in the arguments?

On the other hand, if you write them after the whole essay has become crystal clear, both these essential parts of your paper are automatically revealed to you.


4. The cure for an inspiration blockage

First of all, we’re talking about a high-quality paper, so under no circumstances, we’re not advising for a copy-paste easy way out. The resources at hand must be used only for the purpose of inspiration.

As mentioned before, you could find the same topics already debated on various sites and could become quite the help on how to do an essay on that specific topic. Perhaps, based on those, you’ll come up with a new point of view, or you’ll find reassurances in the key points you’ve already made.


5. A job well done-a reward on itself

But we think it helps if you establish for yourself, a reward of some kind if you get the job done in time. As an extra means of motivation.
So, regardless if a bucket of ice-cream, the pair of snickers you wanted for so long, or the attendance to that amazing party everyone is talking about, have something to look forward to at the end of all that strenuous work.



We have given you all the basics on how to be more successful in organizing your essay writing. Hope you find them useful because, in the end, you’re the one who does all the hard work.


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