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Curated Lesson Resources - Periodic Trends

The Periodic Table: Crash Course Chemistry #4

Hank gives us a tour of the most important table ever, including the life story of the obsessive man who championed it, Dmitri Mendeleev. The periodic table ...

Description: This is an introductory video to the periodic table and its trends.
Rationale: I chose this video because it is informative but up-beat and intriguing; so it will hopefully captivate my students attention and give them the content they need to understand in a visually appeasing way.

Periodic Trends Rap

Periodic Productions presents: The periodic trends, broken down. ---Lyrics--- Chorus: Periodic trends, you know what it is [x2] Periodic trends, who cares wh...

Description: Here is a a rap video created by students who use their lyrics to talk about periodic trends.

Rationale: To show my students an example of something they can do if I were to assign them the task of making a video about periodic trends.

Valence electrons and bonding (video) | Khan Academy

How to get Lewis structures from electron configuration, and how valence electrons are involved in forming bonds.

Description: This video explains the chemistry of valence electrons.
Rationale: I would assign this video to students as a form of extra-credit to introduce them to topics they will encounter in our next unit of study which would be about bonding (which is based off electron configurations of atoms).

QR-Coded Audio Periodic Table of the Elements: A Mobile Learning Tool

From the Journal of Chemical Education
Description: This is a journal article about the development of a QR-coded audio periodic table that researchers say can be used to teach blind students.
Rationale: To expose my students to academic literature, and inspire them with the applications of technology to science and show how we can be innovative to solve real world problems.

Periodic Table: Podcast

Chemistry in its element: Listen to the exciting story behind each periodic table element in this podcast collection from Chemistry World

Description: This is a website with an interactive periodic table where when you click on an element it plays a short podcast or sound bite about that element.
Rationale: Students can use this tool to explore the periodic table on their own and thereby take responsibility for their own learning.

Periodic Trends Project by Aidan Ging | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Stream Periodic Trends Project by Aidan Ging from desktop or your mobile device

Description: This is a podcast created by students about the periodic trends.
Rationale: I want my students to practice active listening and to be exposed to learning from their peers, even people they have never met.


The Compound Interest Periodic Table of Data

The Compound Interest Periodic Table of Data

Description: The periodic trends are quantified in this image in the rings around each element.

Rationale: Students who think more numerically or literally than visually can see the numerically quantified trends which explain the general trends.


Science Notes

Science Notes

Description: This image is a periodic trends summary that demonstrates the increasing direction for each major trend of the periodic table.
Rationale: This image shows the big picture concepts I want my students to be able to understand from this lesson, this image is a way for them to summarize and deepen understanding of what they have been learning.

Periodic Trends Game on Scratch

Periodic Trends Game on Scratch by dolphingirl36

Description: This is a game that quizzes students on the principles of the periodic trends by presenting them with two elements and asking them to differentiate between them based off their knowledge of the periodic trends.
Rationale: The game makes students apply what they have learned big picture in specific situations and helps them see how periodic trends affect the individual elements.

Periodic Trend Game: Learning to predict elements using periodic trends

This activity teaches students about the periodic table and how element properties can be predicted through periodic trends.

Teacher Resource

Periodic Trends "War" Card Game by Sparkly Science | TpT

Have students interactively apply the periodic trends when they play this game that reviews atomic radius, ionic radius, electronegativity, ionization energy, and atomic mass. Includes ready to print playing cards, directions, and an annotated periodic table with hints for.

Teacher Resource

Periodic Trends Quiz - By pkirby

Can you name the Periodic Trends? Test your knowledge on this science quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by pkirby.

Description: This is a quiz that tests the overarching principles of the trends of the periodic table.
Rationale: The quiz will help students articulate what they know about periodic trends big picture; it makes them draw a picture in their own mind and recall what they know and have learned.