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Updated by Angela Ingram on Nov 09, 2018
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Curated Lesson Resources - Color Theory

The Color Wheel

Description: This is s basic image and explanation of the different colors that make up a color wheel.
Rationale: I chose this page because it it a simple review and the text is age appropriate.

Creativity Express: Newton's discovery

Description: This is a video explaining how different colors can have a harmony and that mixing the primary colors together can make secondary colors.
Rationale: I chose this video because the content was interesting and also age appropriate.

Demonstration Plate – Color Vision Testing

Description: This is a fun color vision test for kids.
Rationale: I chose this resource to show kids that everyone sees color differently.

Color Changing Milk | Science Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Description: This is a demonstration on how color can react together.
Rationale: I chose this because of the interdisciplinary aspects of getting those students interested in science to be more engaged in the properties and reactions of color.

20 Color Theory Facts You Should Know

Description: This is a site dedicated to explaining in depth about color theory.
Rationale: I chose this page because it can help fill in the blanks about color theory that isn't explained with just the basics.

Why is Color Important in Art?

Description: This is a site that explains why colors are important in art.
Rationale: I chose this to help demonstrate to students why it's important to know some things about color theory.

Color Wheel, Color Circle, & Color Relationships

Description: This is a description of the color wheel and and the relationships of color to each other.
Rationale: I need my students to learn the basics, but also look at these more complex details once the basics are learned.

Playrific® -- Child Safe Media!

Description: This is a fun and interactive color mixing game where students can experiment.
Rationale: I chose this so that my students could play, experiment, and learn at the same time - therefore minimizing classroom nervousness.

Value - The Elements of Art

Description: This is an article with video explaining how important the element of value is.
Rationale: I chose this for the students that have grasped the concept of hue (colors) and are ready to learn about value - which can add depth to the color wheel.

How to Make a Color Wheel

Description: This video is about mixing tempera paints and making a color wheel - a step by step for students to see how to mix and design their color wheel.
Rationale: I chose this to help show students exactly how to mix colors and paint this in the most efficient way possible.