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Curated Lesson Resources-Ecological changes

How do volcanoes affect plants and animals? | Volcano World | Oregon State University

Description: This website explains how a cataclysmic environmental event, a volcanic eruption, affects the environment.
Rationale: This website is written in a clear format for student consumption and the information is valid for the Missouri Learning Standard being taught.

11.4 The Impacts of Earthquakes – Physical Geology

Description: This textbook resource describes the environmental impact earthquakes have on ecosystems and human habitation.
Rationale: This resource has explanatory pictures to describe the earthquakes and the impact they have on the environment. This resource is easy to understand and includes examples of the different environmental effects an earthquake has on its surroundings.

What are the consequences of floods? (Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist)

Description: This resource reviews the ecological repercussions of seasonal and out-of-season flooding.
Rationale: Although this resource does not explain many of the benefits of seasonal flooding, it does outline the negative impact flooding has on the environment. This will help students create a potential cost-benefit analysis.

Environmental Impacts of Flooding

Description: This resource includes more information about flooding and the impact it has on the environment.
Rationale: This resource includes some of the benefits of flooding, which will be beneficial for a student pro-con comparison chart.

Positive and Negative Effects of Hunting: Including Benefits and Disadvantages on The Environment

Description: This resource reviews the positives and negatives of hunting and over-hunting and the impact both has on the environment.
Rationale: Although this resource has several ads about hunting supplies, the easy to read format and rational explanations will be helpful for student learning.

Hazardous Effects of Earthquakes - Class 11

Description: This video outlines and graphically shows examples of the effects earthquakes have on the environment.
Rationale: Although the graphics are not high definition, this video clearly explains the environmental impact earthquakes have on people and geography.

2-Minute Debate: Do Hunters Conserve Wildlife?

Description: This video documents the debate of how hunting affect the environment.
Rationale: This resource does not clearly define a right or wrong approach to hunting, which encourages students to rationally think through the resources discovered and decide if hunting positively or negatively impacts the environment.

The Sleeping Volcano – America's National Parks Podcast

Description: This podcast reviews the statistics and impact a volcanic eruption has on the environment.
Rationale: This podcast includes the transcript, so students can read along with the podcast for better comprehension of the material. Students will learn more about volcanoes and the impact they have on the environment.

Seesaw - A Platform For Student Engagement

Description: This app/ program is student and teacher friendly for creating videos to use in the classroom.
Rationale: This app/program will be beneficial for cost/benefit comparison of each of the ecosystem changes listed above.

Design Your Own Stunning Poster with Canva's Poster Maker

Description: This resource helps students create visual media explaining a project.
Rationale: Students can create a Pro-Con chart using Canva that includes each of these ecological changes and other resources they can find.