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Top 9 Must-Try Bangkok Foods – Delectable Delights for the Foodie

Bangkok is a city that offers many attractions for the visitor. One of these is the city's remarkable selection of foods and local culinary creations that will have foodies licking their lips in eager anticipation!


Fried chicken

The delectable fried chicken which is a popular street snack in Bangkok will be a great way to commence your exploration of the city's culinary highlights. On the streets of the Thai capital, you are sure to notice tempting pieces of fried chicken with their distinctive golden brown/ orange colour. This food goes particularly well with sticky rice accompanied with shallots that have been deep fried.


Thai steamed dumplings

These exquisite steamed dumplings are prepared in an array of enticing colours that will draw the interest of the visitor. These dumplings which contain tasty meat are made in the traditional Thai manner with shiitake mushrooms and shrimps as well as water chestnuts and are often accompanied with a zesty soy-garlic sauce.


Grilled pork / chicken skewers

If you are a food lover your visit to Bangkok would not be complete without sampling the mouth-watering pork and chicken skewers that you will have the opportunity to savour in the city streets. To make this dish the pork or chicken is cooked on skewers over hot charcoal, which imparts the special smokiness to the grilled meat.


Salt grilled fish

At first you may be intrigued by the copious amounts of salt that are used to coat the skin of this grilled fish preparation. However, the salt acts to contain the tasty juices of the grilled fish as it is cooked over charcoal. In fact, you should discard the skin of the fish and enjoy this dish with sticky or jasmine rice.


Hot and sour soup

This delectable soup that is known as tom yum to the locals is one of Thailand's best-known dishes. Genuine tom yum soup is reputed for its strong spicy and sour flavours that will appeal to the lover of Thai food. When in search of Sathorn restaurants where you can savour flavourful tom yum, consider dining venues at properties the likes of Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel which serve authentically prepared Thai dishes.


Thai duck rice

Many Thai dishes feature rice and one of the best known is the Thai duck rice. You will find that two varieties of duck are popularly consumed in Thailand, namely, braised duck and roast duck. This duck rice is rather like a similar dish that is often enjoyed in Singapore. However, the version enjoyed in Thailand has a slightly dissimilar, more flavourful sauce.


Stir-fried glass noodles

Make it a point to try out this distinctive noodle dish that is made with glass noodles, which are made from green pea or mung bean flour. These noodles become transparent as they are cooked, and create a pleasant dish when stir-fried along with the other necessary ingredients that are required for this renowned Thai dish.


Massaman curry

A distinctive Thai dish of a rather different nature is the delicious massaman curry. You will find that this curry is somewhat milder than the popular Thai green and red curries. Typically massaman curry contains lamb, beef or mutton and the curry has a subtle somewhat sweet taste.


Coconut ice cream

When it comes to typical Thai desserts a prominent place will go to coconut ice cream. As you might expect this exquisite concoction contains plenty of coconut milk which gives it a delightfully creamy flavour. You will also find that an array of toppings can be added to this treat, like corn, sticky rice and even mung beans.