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Curated Lesson Resources- WWII

World War II History: WW2 Timeline for Kids

Description- nice little website that shows the timeline of WWII with dates and descriptions
Rational- I picked this website because it is grade level appropriate and it is an easy read

A Brief Overview of World War II

Description- simply a brief overview of the war.
Rational- This video does a great job of walking students through the important events during WWII.

Reasons for American Entry Into WWII

Description- Article tells the direct actions that drew the US into WWII.
Rational- This article is laid out nice, while also being a more detailed read.

Time Zone X: World War II - GameUp - BrainPOP.

Description- Free game that allows students to show there knowledge about the timeline of WWII.
Rational- This was a Fun game that I myself even tested out, I think this game would be fun to do as a class rather than an individual.

World War 2 for Kids - History Games and Videos

Description- This is a website that has quizzes and videos for students to watch and play.
Rational- I picked this for students to quiz themselves not as a group.

World War II

Description- This site allows students to explore deeper into some of the events during WWII.
Rational- I picked this cite based on the fact that is the best overall history site.

Take A Closer Look: America Goes to War | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

Description- This Article shows not only what was going on in during the war, but also what was going on in the home front.
Rational- I picked this Article because it is a good change of pace, showing what was going on at home as well as over seas.

Pearl Harbor

Description- This site gives a detailed account about the events leading up to and the attack on pearl harbor.
Rational- Again this is the best history site, and the intro video is amazing and informative.

Watch oldest Pearl Harbor survivor reflect on attack - CNN Video

Description- A first hand account from the oldest living survivor as he reflects on the attack.
Rational- It is important to understand the personal accounts of the war, even in times of such horror.

The Day Japan Surrendered, Ending WWII | NBC News

Description- A video showing the Japaneses surrender of WWII.
Rational- This is the most important moment for the US during WWII, intensely emotional.