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Curated lesson resources: Golf

These are helpful resources for students learning the game of golf

U.S. Kids Golf |

Description: This website is for young kids wanting to get into golf. It gives tips and helpful guidelines to beginning golfers.
Rational: I chose this because students might find this as a helpful tool to get interested and started in the game of golf.

Our 10 Best Golf Tips For Kids - Golf Digest

Description: this website shows some great tips for students to use
Rational: This will help kids with tips and information on the game.

Description: This video shows kids the proper way to play golf and how to swing the clubs.
Rational: I picked this video because this helps explain what to do.

Golf Manners for Kids

Description: This video talks about the proper way to act on the golf course.
Rational: This will help kids understand how they should be acting while golfing.

Golf Games for Kids

Description: This website shows students how to play the game and new ideas and games for kids to play.
Rational: This gives students a lot of cool and exciting ways to play golf.

Golf / Rules of Golf PowerPoint and Helpful Rules Websites

Description: This is a powerpoint that would be very helpful for students to read through to understand the rules of the game.
Rational: I used this because it is useful for students to learn the sport they are playing and they can do that through this powerpoint.

Diapositiva6.jpg (960×720)

Description: This is a pictirue of a golf course showing what in on the golf course. Ex. The hazards, the tee boxes, ect.
Rational: A picture is a helpful tool for the student to visualize what a golf course looks like.

Golf Terms Flashcards | Quizlet

description: This quizlet will help students learn about the terms of golf.
Rational: I used this so the students can quiz themselves over the terms.

6 Different Types of Golf Clubs and Their Uses

Description: This website shows the different types and uses of clubs
Rational: This will help students learn about what clubs there are and what they are used for.

Description: This is a map showing all the courses in the area.
Rational: This map will help students know where they can play in the local area.