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Belt Buckle Collection

Belts are in use for years and they are still an important piece of accessory when it comes to dressing. The unique belt buckles are an important part of the American tradition and western heritage as they are of the mainstream fashion.

Know the Advantages of Sterling Key Rings

Apart from all of the reasons why people like to collect key rings, a sterling key ring has a lot of advantages that you may not be aware of. Such advantages are Promotion, Souvenirs and Multi-tools.

Shop Ranger Belt Buckle Set Online

Ranger belt buckle sets are handcrafted from a wide range of high-quality materials available at affordable price. The belt design employed the same technique used for tightening horse cinches without pinching.

Legendary handcrafted belt buckles made from high-quality sterling silver are a must own to take your belt buckle collection to the next level. It offers a variety of custom made products including complete buckle sets, silver cowboy belt buckles, sterling silver buckles, custom belt buckles, custom belts, and trophy buckles.

One such trend that has caught fire in the fashion industry is the trend of wearing belt buckles. It doesn't matter whether you are in a formal or in an informal setting these are suitable for every occasion.

Handcrafted pair of engraved cufflinks are perfect outfit accent for a business suit or tuxedo. If you’re considered about price point, these cufflinks are available in high quality and luxury styles at affordable price.

Max Lang offers western style buckle collections that fit right into any wardrobe. They also provides fine exotic skins and hand tooled belt straps to complement any of our handcrafted western belt buckles.

A belt is a fashion accessory that is meant to complete your overall look and do much more than that. One of the coolest custom belts and buckles store based out in Houston offers a variety of custom made products including complete buckle sets, handmade buckles, ranger style belt buckles etc.

These days, cowboy belt buckles are highly in demand. They are stylish, attractive and eye-catching. There are plenty of cowboy belt buckles available to fit any cowboy or cowgirl. They are also ideal to use as presents.

Max Lang offers western belt buckles online in Texas. These belt buckles are perfect for formal and informal settings; such as work, church, holidays, weddings and more.

A sterling silver pocket knife should perfectly fit in your pocket. If it is too big or too bulky, you won’t be able to carry it with you and use it when you need it.

Belts are one of the most versatile accessories. You can always pair a good belt with a silver western buckle with pants, skirts and dresses for a western nod to your look.

Max Lang offers handmade silver belt buckles online. Their collection of handmade silver buckles also includes accessories such as matching sterling silver and gold cufflinks and bolo ties. These belt buckles can be personalized with monogrammed engraving for a personalized gift.

Beautifully crafted knives have come to be used for aesthetic purposes and collectibles adoring the racks of your living room. All the knives are created with quality Silver, which means that you do not have to worry about the quality, design or the look and feel of the knife.

Cufflinks are best worn with formal shirts, there are plenty of stripped-back and playful designs available in the market including sterling engraved cuffs that work as part of a more dressed-down look.

Max Lang has been handcrafting fine sterling silver and 14K gold designs here in Houston, Texas. They provides unique collection of personalised silver keyrings for men and women.

If you love wearing belt buckles, you should know that in 1822 Albert Thurston first introduced belt buckles to the world. Today, wearing buckle belts is more like a trend and men's cowboy belt buckles come in different shapes, designs and sizes.

These pocket knife can be used to accomplish various mundane tasks and come in handy when surviving in a jungle environment. When you do not have a dedicated staple remover and can only manage a western style pocket knife, use it to effortlessly pry open a staple.

Max Lang offers sterling silver pocket knives, which make for a fantastic heirloom-quality accessory, with a touch of personal style. These knives designed with a lockback blade and nail notch for simple opening and closing.

Before you put that belt around your waist, first, you need to check your outfit. Do not try to make your belt say something different from the rest of your outfit.

Stud cufflinks are just the thing to compliment your suit or tuxedo. These cufflinks first appeared in the 1600s, and men of royalty and wealth wore them.

The belt buckle is a small but crucial part in any cowboy or cowgirl's outfit. These western belt buckles are designed and created with the discerning tastes of the client in mind.

When you are ready to dress up in cowboy attire, you have to make sure that you have a good belt to complete your look. Nowadays, buckles made of sterling silver have become popular. With their elegant finish, they make a good pick for anyone who wishes to buy cowboy belt buckles.

Money clips have come into notice a few hundred years ago, but they have gained popularity once banknotes became more frequently used. These clips are available in various shapes, sizes and styles and suit any taste, preference and budget.

Max Lang provides western belt buckles online in Texas. The belt buckle is a small but crucial part in any cowboy or cowgirl's outfit. Most of their dress buckles can be customized with engraved or applied initials, making them great gifts.

  • Max Lang offers a variety of custom-made products including complete Buckle Sets, cowboy belt buckles, sterling silver buckles, Custom Belt Buckles, Custom Belts, and Trophy Buckles.

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